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Here Are The Local Stars Who Have Covered Blackpink Jisoo’s ‘Flower’ Dance

Which cover is your fave?

Here Are The Local Stars Who Have Covered Blackpink Jisoo’s ‘Flower’ Dance

Blackpink's Jisoo, 28, dropped her debut solo song 'Flower' last month and it quickly topped the charts, reaching 40 million views on YouTube on the first day of its release. The catchy tune also has over 50 million streams on Spotify to date.

Even catchier than the song? The choreography featured in the music video.

The dance moves have taken social media by storm, with many people sharing their own renditions of it. And our local celebs are no exception. 

Jeanette Aw

Jeanette, who has a background in ballet, shared a very professionally shot cover of the dance.

"Probably the most spontaneous thing that ever happened," wrote the 43-year-old actress.

Spontaneous or not, she was prepared to impress, and even had similar flowers to what Jisoo had in her hands in the original music video.

Her vid took other celebs by surprise too, with Desmond Tan saying: "Wah wah wah! Should have done this together when I got my award from you!"

Other stars, including Jeremy Chan, Zoe Tay and Tasha Low also gushed over Jeanette's vid in the form of fire and heart emojis.

Tasha Low

We have to remember that Tasha was part of K-pop group Skarf and she trained specifically for such a dance.

Though Tasha has since moved on from her K-pop days, she clearly hasn't forgotten her roots, and often shares clips of herself dancing and singing to Korean songs on IG.

Her version of the 'Flower' dance looked effortless, and earned her many compliments from her fans and followers, including Desmond Tan (yes, again), who dropped clapping emojis.

Bonnie Loo

The Campus Superstar winner is known for her singing talents, but who knew she dances well too?

Bonnie took her video backstage at the Star Awards earlier this month and even though she went home empty handed that night, she won her followers over with her dance moves.

Many cheered her on in the comments, with YES933 DJ Kunhua cheekily saying that he got a "nose bleed" from her post.

Kimberly Chia

Although mum-of-one Kimberly has long taken a step back from acting, she still uses her IG to stay in touch with her fans.

Kimberly's video, which was taken on a cruise to Penang, had multiple transitions and outfit changes.

"Danced my way to Penang and back," wrote Kim.

Yang Guang Ke Le

Perhaps the most playful cover of the lot, Ke Le gathered a few friends, including influencers Samantha Tan and Isabelle Quek, to shoot their rendition of the viral dance. 

"Tell us we’re beautiful like flowers if not we’ll bite you," wrote Kele. The dance started out normal, but quickly morphed into a performance that saw the girls mimicking zombies.

The cover got plenty of laughs from their followers, with one of them writing: "Jisoo flower x Train to Busan collab". 

Photos & Videos: Jeanette Aw/ Instagram, Tasha Low/ Instagram, Bonnie Loo/ Instagram, Kimberly Chia/ Instagram, Yang Guang Ke Le/ Instagram, Blackpink/ Youtube



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