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Jeanette Aw Posts Throwback Little Nyonya Pic, Netizens Say She “Still Looks The Same” 14 Years On

Has it really been that long?


Some dramas are meant to be instant classics, remaining infinitely watchable decades down the road. The Little Nyonya is one such show

The 2008 Mediacorp drama was an instant hit, and Jeanette Aw, 43, who portrayed the titular character, saw her popularity rise even further.

And for further proof of the drama’s longevity, we have this screenshot of a series of messages Jeanette recently received from a netizen.

In the screenshot, which Jeanette shared on her Instagram Story on July 26, said netizen revealed that they recently started watching The Little Nyonya, and they were instantly taken with how well Jeanette acted out the struggles of the two characters she played — Ju Xiang and Yueniang.

Hello, Yueniang.

“14 years on and I’m still grateful. Messages like this really warms the heart,”Jeanette wrote.

The actress also shared a picture of her as Yueniang, revealing a touching backstory about the snapshot.

"This photo was taken by a very dear friend. It was eventually used as the main photo in the drama. He blew up the photo and gifted it to me. He isn’t around anymore… so this stays as a very precious memory for me,” Jeanette wrote.

After Jeanette shared her post, the actress received a number of messages from other netizens who shared the same sentiment as the first netizen, praising Jeanette for her acting skills.

Yep, still the same.

Most of them however, had another observation to share, marvelling that Jeanette still “looks the same" as she did 14 years ago.

“I love your role in the show too, and 14 years on and you still look the same (sic),” while another jokingly called Jeanette a “witch" for defying the passing of time.

She got it from her mama.

“Wah… thanks guys. I’ll give all the credit to my mum. Every single time I’m talking to her, my [inner thought] is ,“her skin is glowing!” Jeanette wrote in response, adding a picture of her posing next to the poster-sized frame of her Little Nyonya days.

Rewatch The Little Nyonya on meWATCH here. The first episode is also embedded below.

Photos: Jeanette Aw/Instagram, meWATCH



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