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SG TikToker Posts Hilarious Response To Caucasian Woman Who Called Din Tai Fung “Ding Fung Chung”

It’s really not that hard to pronounce.

SG TikToker Posts Hilarious Response To Caucasian Woman Who Called Din Tai Fung “Ding Fung Chung”

We know it can be tough to accurately pronounce words in a foreign language.

But there is also a huge difference between trying your best to get the pronunciation right, and completely butchering it because of a lack of effort.

Unfortunately, in a TikTok video that has now been taken down, Israeli-born US interior designer and real estate developer, Joelle Uzyel, fell into the latter category.

Joelle, who is also the host of US reality renovation program Murder House Flip, posted a TikTok last week where she said that it was her “second day in a row” dining at “this Ding Fung Chung” place.

If you haven’t gathered where she was headed, well, it's popular Taiwanese chain, Din Tai Fung.

Her video quickly went viral on TikTok, with many netizens lambasting her lousy attempt to say the name of the restaurant.

TikToker Joy Lee pointed out that Din Tai Fung is pronounced “exactly how [she] spelled it in her captions” and that Joelle was making a “quirky joke” that did not end up going her way.

Others have also posted videos of themselves purposely getting the names of English-named chains wrong, just to prove how silly it looks when you fall so far from the mark.

Singaporean YouTuber and TikToker Jaze Phua has joined in the fun, posting a hilarious video of himself butchering the names of chains such as Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

He casually renamed Starbucks Coffee to “Star Wars Coff-hee-hee”, Dunkin Donuts to “Do Not Slam Dunk”, Taco Bell to “Ding Dong Bell”, Wendy’s to “Wednesday”, McDonald’s to “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, and well, you get the idea.

Basically, he gave Joelle a taste of her own medicine.

“If you can pronounce Daenerys Targaryen FLAWLESSLY you can pronounce Din Tai Feng too,” wrote Jaze in his caption.

Many Singaporeans took to Jaze’s comment section to share their favourite “wrong name” from the list, while others praised him for the funny comeback.

Many TikTok users have since called Joelle out for being racist, while others have taken to the comments section of her other videos to leave their thoughts.

Pointing out how she had pronounced Turkish beef sausage “Sucuk” perfectly in one of her videos, they wrote: “I’m surprised you put in the effort to pronounce this since you didn’t put in much before."

“She definitely knows how to pronounce Din Tai [Fung]. She didn’t butcher the pronunciation, she used different words altogether,” wrote another netizen.

Photos: Jaze Phua/ TikTok, Joy Lee/ TikTok, Justinchlee/ TikTok



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