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Jamie Yeo’s 5-Year-Old Son Is Starting Primary School In England Already

The 45-year-old ex-DJ moved to the UK earlier this year with her family, and has been sharing cute snaps of their new life there.


Starting at a new school is daunting enough as it is — for both the kids and their parents. But imagine starting primary school at only five and in a different new country. 

Earlier this week, former radio DJ Jamie Yeo, 45, took to her Instagram, revealing that her son, Luke had done just that.

In July this year, Jamie, her husband, British risk adviser husband, Rupert, 43, as well as their kids, Luke and Alysia, 11 moved to England.

Jamie and Alysia on a girl's day out to Paris.

Since then, Jamie has been updating her followers about their house hunt, and little snippets of their life there.

Just look at the gorgeous pictures she’s been sharing from their day trips to neighbouring cities and countries.

Train rides all day, every day.

Apart from that, Jamie revealed that Luke has already started primary school, despite having just turned five a week ago.

"Anyway, he cried when we dropped him off. So I cried too. I know how tough it can be going to attend a new school in a new country. A month from now, and he won’t remember how daunting the first day of school was,” Jamie wrote.

The great outdoors.

A number of netizens left comments sharing their experience sending their kids off to school for the first time.

"My boys started school today as well. They were both very nervous at 9&11. Imagine your 5 year old? I’m sure he will be fine. Big hug for the little fella,” one wrote.

Photos: Jamie Yeo/Instagram

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