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Jacelyn Tay Wanted To Go Mask-Less In Public… Only To See Everyone Still Wearing Them

The former actress wondered if she was “#fomo" or just being safe.


To mask or not to mask? It seems like for many Singaporeans, the norm is to remained masked up, even as regulations were officially relaxed on August 29.

Yesterday, former Mediacorp actress Jacelyn Tay, 47, who, as you might recall, was one of the first few to head out to test the waters on March 29 when going mask-less outdoors was allowed, took to her Instagram to share her experience on going mask-less for real.

Or well, her attempt to go mask-less.

Jacelyn and Zavier.

Jacelyn shared that she walked her son, Zavier Wong, 11, to school that morning.

“To my surprise, zero [students] or parents were without mask!” she exclaimed, before going on to write that she had asked her son to wear his mask in the lift, since the lift would be packed with people.

However, when she wanted to remove her mask after exiting the lift, she realised that everyone else was still wearing their masks.

“#fomo [fear of missing out] or #besafe?” Jacelyn went on to joke in her caption.

But of course, there’ll definitely be more opportunities for Jacelyn to go mask-less, though she did go on to write that she "might still wear mask in crowded places”, just in case.

Most of the netizens who left comments on Jacelyn’s post wrote that they were choosing to remain masked up too.

Looking good there.

Finally, the former actress, who looks as good as ever, also shared that she went for her meridian facelift treatments twice last week, in preparation to go without her mask.

“Now cannot hide eyebags, dark eye circles, or wrinkles. Better be diligent in maintaining my complexion,” she wrote.

Photos: Jacelyn Tay/Instagram



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