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Jacelyn Tay, 47, Wows Netizens With Bikini Pic

One netizen even wrote that Jacelyn’s "inspiring us to keep ourselves in shape”.


Fitspo inspiration, breastfeeding advice, thirst trap, or hilarious photobomb? Looks like former Mediacorp actress Jacelyn Tay’s latest Instagram post fit all four options, with netizens leaving loads of comments.

And we don’t blame them. Just look at the photo.


In the 47-year-old’s caption, she first cautioned everyone, reminding them not to take things the wrong way, or "think crooked" as she put it, after seeing her photo, which does kinda feel like a thirst trap.

"Am going to talk about breast pump for breastfeeding moms ,” Jacelyn wrote before going on to share about a hands-free breast pump that she came across recently.

"If during my era there is such a hands-free pumping gadget for breast milk, more moms would have an easier time,” she added.

Jacelyn has a son — 11-year-old Zavier Wong.

While Jacelyn invited other mums to share their experience using breast pumps in the comments section, it seemed like netizens had other ideas.

"Inspiring us to keep ourselves in shape! Thank you!!!!” one netizen gushed, while another wrote: "Looking great and of course hot”.

A couple of other netizens were way more specific with their praise, with one netizen gushing about Jacelyn’s "killer body figure (sic)”.

Honestly, Jacelyn's swimsuit collection is top tier.

There were some who drew attention to what they thought should be the main focus of the photo as well.

"That pair of photobombed legs though,” a netizen laughed, with another netizen adding: "Nice legs.”

(P.S: According to a comment Jacelyn left in reply to a netizens, the legs actually belong to Jacelyn’s son, Zavier.)

Finally, there was one netizen who left some advice for the former actress.

Fun in the sun.

"Talk about breast pump but actually don’t need to show revealing breast (sic),” the netizen wrote, adding that Zavier might "be embarrassed to see this some day when he grows older”.

Jacelyn then replied to the netizen, revealing that she didn’t have a relevant photo to use for her post about breastfeeding, which was why she resorted to this one.

"Got to be more creative next time. Maybe followers can give suggestions,” she added.

Photos: Jacelyn Tay/Instagram

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