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Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past week.
Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

This week, some stars celebrated their birthdays, while others gave us travel-envy with their holiday pics. Guess which celeb and their family went on an impromptu trip to Langkawi?

Chantelle Ng got French lessons from Sharon Au in Paris

The actress, who is in France for a Longchamp event, prepared some greetings in French to use on the luxury brand's CEO Jean Cassegrain. 

Of course, she had a little help from Sharon Au, whom she met up with shortly after touching down. 

Chantalle later shared an IG Reel of herself putting the practice to good use, and it looks like she did an amazing job at impressing Jean.

Photos: Chantalle Ng/ Instagram

Chen Xi left Singapore for England

At this year's Star Awards, Xiang Yun announced that her son, Chen Xi, was going to further his studies in London. later caught up with the 31-year-old actor, who revealed that he was going to pursue arts management at Kings' College London

Then, he told us he was "aiming to leave in September". And leave in September he did.  

Before embarking on his new journey, he didn't forget to leave some very special gifts for his loved ones.

"I dedicated time to crafting our family crest. From that emblem, I fashioned a ring, a symbol for every family member to carry – a constant reminder of our shared life and bonds no matter where we go. In addition, I created a pair of paintings for my parents, signifying the enduring strength of teamwork within a family," wrote Chen Xi.

Photos: Chen Xi/ Instagram

Bryan Wong shared a "rare find" from his Japan trip

The actor, who is currently leading a tour group in Japan, wrote: "Been to Japan many times and chanced upon torii many times but it’s always the red ones. But on this trip, we got to see a white one submerged in the waters!"

Photo: Bryan Wong/ Instagram

Nurul Aini went on a 'last-minute' trip with her family to Langkawi

Last minute or not, has anyone else noticed how Nurul and her fam are always in colour-coordinated outfits?

The family of five spent their time in Langkawi doing water sports, going on a sunset cruise, and visiting the local pasar malam.

They even had a sleepover on their last night there, where they joined all the mattresses to form a giant bed.

Photos: Nurul Aini/ Instagram 

JJ Lin met his baby niece for the first time

JJ Lin's older brother Eugene and sister-in-law Rita, who tied the knot last year and are now based in Hong Kong, have a new addition to their family the couple.

Meeting his niece Charlotte for the first time, JJ talked about how "surreal" it felt holding her in his arms. 

Photos: JJ Lin/ Instagram

Seow Sin Nee celebrated turning 28

The Malaysian actress-host treated herself to a relaxing staycation for her birthday. There, she basically spent most of her time chilling out and wading around in what looked to be Marina Bay Sands' infinity pool. 

Photos: Seow Sin Nee/ Instagram

Sheryl Ang celebrated her birthday too

Fun fact: Sin Nee and Sheryl share the same birth date (Sep 6).

Sheryl turned 25, and true to her zen-personality, wrote: "25 years of being on Earth in this body, 25 years of living and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to more magic, love, growth, and happiness."

Photo: Sheryl Ang/ Instagram

Lina Ng celebrated her wedding anniversary

"23 years of love, laughter, and endless happiness! No need for extravagance, just grateful to have you by my side," wrote Lina

She also shared a hilarious video, which was filmed by her son, Joel, 17. In the clip, Lina could be seen sitting on her bed, with her back facing the entrance of the room where her hubby Mike stood with a bouquet of flowers. It took her a long time to turn around, and she eventually only did 'cos Joel nagged: "Ma, just turn around".

Scroll to the second slide to watch the funny vid below. 

Photo: Lina Ng/ Instagram

Lee Weisong, Zheng Geping, and Hong Huifang caught Richard Clayderman's live performance 

They even posed for a group photo with the renowned French pianist, and got his autograph.

Photo: Lee Weisong/ Instagram

The cast of My One and Only shared a group pic

Zoe Tay, Xiang Yun, Brandon Wong, Yao Wenlong, Elvin Ng, Ya Hui, Zhai Siming, Shawn Thia, Tay Ying, and Fang Rong looked like one big happy family in this group photo, which was probably taken on a hospital set?

Guess we'll only find out what happens when this episode airs. In the meantime, catch an episode of My One and Only below:

Photo: Ya Hui/ Instagram



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