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Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past week.
Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week
This week, we got loads of holiday envy, and a sneak peek of the MV for this year’s National Day theme song.

Condolences to Rebecca Lim and her family.

In an Instagram post on May 27, The Lims Kitchen, run by Rebecca and her brother, Daniel, shared that their dad had passed on. The siblings have a younger sister, Melissa.

“With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our beloved father, who inspired The Lims' Kitchen. His love for food, family, and community ignited our passion for feeding others,” the caption read. “We celebrated our father's life with his favorite bites at the wake, knowing his legacy lives on.” Celebs and netizens have expressed their condolences in the comments section.

Rebecca has not posted anything in her personal capacity as of press time.

Photo: The Lims Kitchen/Instagram

Edmund Chen and Chen Xi went on a father-son trip.

Remember when Xiang Yun told us that Edmund loves going on trips with his family after he ‘hijacked’ the actress’ solo Taiwan holiday? Well, looks like Edmund bonded with Chen Xi in Taiwan.

Photo: Chen Xi/Instagram

YES933 DJ Hazelle Teo might be one of the four hosts this year for the parade?

Congrats in advance!

Watch the MV of the NDP 2023 theme song below:

Photo: Hazelle Teo/Instagram

Former Mediacorp actress Ivy Lee celebrated her second daughter’s birthday.

Ivy’s youngest, Leah, celebrated her birthday with the whole family despite being in different countries (Ivy’s oldest, Miki, is studying abroad, while Ivy’s director husband often travels for work). Whoa, that’s a lot of candles.

Photos: Ivy Lee/Instagram

Nick Teo might have to go off-the-grid for the last part of his solo holiday.

Is this the worst nightmare come true for some of us? The actor, who flew to Vietnam last week for his first solo holiday, shared earlier this week that his phone isn’t functioning well after he dropped it.

Photo: Nick Teo/Instagram

Nurul Aini and Fauzie Laily danced their hearts out at Ne-Yo’s concert.

The R&B singer was in town for a concert, and those of us who weren’t there could experience it vicariously through Nurul’s IG Story updates. Thanks, Nurul!

Photos: Nurul Aini/Instagram

Nurul Aini announced that she’s withdrawing from the Most Popular Female Personality category for the Pesta Perdana.

The biennal awards ceremony honouring the best of local Malay entertainment will have one fewer contender in the Most Popular Female Personality category this year. Nurul, often referred to as the Ah Jie of Suria, shared that it’s “time for [her] to withdraw from the award.”

Nurul has won the award, decided by public votes, 5 times in her 20 years in showbiz.

Netizens flooded the comment section with a show of support for Nurul, who assured everyone that she’s still active in showbiz.

Despite Nurul's withdrawal, the number of nominees for the Most Popular Female Personality award still remain the same. The five nominees are: Endang Rahayu, Farah Farook, Huda Ali, Izyan Mellyna and Lydia Asyiqin.

Photo: Mediacorp/Instagram

The Pesta Perdana 2023 live show will air on June 17 at 8.30pm. Before the show, make sure to catch the Manja – Pesta Perdana 2023 Special at 7.00pm, followed by the red carpet segment, Pesta Perdana Glam 2023 at 7.30pm.

All three programmes will be available LIVE on June 17 on Suria, with simulcast on mewatch and Mediacorp Entertainment on YouTube.

Pan Lingling has an ulterior motive behind this sweet couple’s trip abroad.

The actress shared that she’s heading for a short getaway with her husband, former actor Huang Shinan to celebrate his birthday and “fatten him up”.

Photo: Pan Lingling/Instagram

Guess Romeo Tan isn’t scared of heights?

The actor, who posted this really cool photo taken at the Mahanakhon Skywalk in Bangkok, had this thought to share: “What makes life unique and worthwhile is that you will never experience the exact moment twice. So pause and remember this intensity!!!”

Photo: Romeo Tan/Instagram

A dose of cuteness from Tay Kewei’s son, Qiuqiu.

This short clip of the 11-month-old baby struggling to decide between sleeping and eating is absolutely hilarious… and very relatable.

Watch the full clip below:

Photo: Tay Kewei/Instagram



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