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Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past week.
This week, we see loads of cherry blossoms (holiday envy, anyone?), the release of a new song, some mysterious filming updates, and more. Read on to find out what happened.

Jack Neo's Liang Popo is actually Michelle Yeoh from an alternate universe in Everything Everywhere All At Once?

Why else would they be dressed in the same outfit? In any case, Jack's caption was a pun on the Oscar winner's Mandarin name Yang Zi Qiong, which also sounds like 'look poor'.

You can watch Michelle's Oscars speech below. Everything Everywhere All At Once is also available on meWATCH here.

Desmond Tan shared an update from the outskirts of Malaysia

Social media updates were far and few in between for Desmond in the first two weeks of March. As it turns out, the actor was busy filming upcoming Mediacorp drama Road to Riches.

"Just wanna let you know I'm surviving well here in the outskirts of Malaysia.  I've been quiet here the past weeks because of the intense filming," Desmond wrote.

Thankfully, Desmond was accompanied by his "partner in crime" Jeremy Chan.

And yes, this is the drama that recruited TVB actor Wayne Lai for an acting workshop for its cast, so there's definitely loads to look forward to when the drama airs in September.

Photo: Desmond Tan/Instagram

Sure, he's busy filming in Alor Setar, but that doesn't mean Jeremy Chan can't squeeze out some time for a date with his wifey...

It sure helps that Jesseca Liu was already in Malaysia. The Langkawi-born Jess was back in her hometown, and decided to make the 2.5 hour ferry ride down to Alor Setar to visit Jeremy. 

So sweet, right?

Photo: Jeremy Chan/Instagram

Nathan Hartono released his new song 'Pastrami'

As he shared in an Instagram Story, the groovy song was named 'Pastrami' 'cos "past trauma is too sad of a title". The music video for the song is an absolute ride though.

Inspired by the works of Joel Haver & Bill Wurtz, Nathan took up the challenge to direct and edit the video himself. We love the WordArt throwbacks.

Photo: Nathan Hartono/Instagram

Fauzie Laily basked in the shade of cherry blossoms in Japan

Now, isn't this a gorgeous sight? Fauzie, who's in Japan for a holiday with his wife, shared that this was their first time seeing cherry blossoms. We're definitely feeling cherry envious.

Photo: Fauzie Laily/Instagram

Meanwhile, Paige Chua introduced us to the beauty of plum blossoms

"I wasn't in Japan for the Sakura season but I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of the understated Plum Blossom. Not as well known as her higher profile Cherry Blossom cousin, the Plum blossom exudes her own beauty [and] fragrance. I am so grateful to have taken a stroll among them..." Paige waxed lyrical in her caption. 

Photo: Paige Chua/Instagram

Vivian Lai ranted about a bad experience she had at a local hospital

On Friday afternoon, Vivian took to her Instagram Story to post about her experience at a local hospital, ranting that they did not treat patients with respect.

"The more I think about it, the angrier I am!!! This is basically a factory!! We are humans!!!!! Not machines!!!!" she added in a follow-up. 

She went on to criticise the staff of the hospital for being "stuck-up" and "extremely rude", noting that the fees they charge are "out-of-the-ordinary" too, adding in a censored version of the hospital's name. 

Unfortunately, it seems like Vivian will not be sharing more details about her experience with the hospital. When local media reached out to the host, she replied through her manager that she will not be commenting further on the incident.

Photos: Vivian Lai/Instagram

Our local stars turned up the heat at a Fendi event

The Celebrity Agency artistes Zhai Siming, Sheryl Ang, Ayden Sng, Romeo Tan, Elvin Ng, Herman Keh, Zhang Zetong, Ye Jiayun and Tyler Ten turned up dressed in their best Fendi fits for the event, and don't they look good

Photo: The Celebrity Agency/Instagram

Eleanor Lee said goodbye to Singapore once more

"There’s just so much I wanna say but so little words can describe how overwhelmed I am. I am so extremely thankful for everyone who has supported me, helped me, gave me so many opportunities and work to do in my short period of time in Singapore. I never thought I needed to extend my stay to two months because of all the events and shoots I’ve been doing," she wrote in her caption.

Eleanor went on to share that she's returning to China to shoot her new projects, and that she hopes to produce her own music in the coming year.

"I don’t know when I’ll be back but I know very soon! Singapore may be a small country, but it’s full of big hearted people. All the love you all have given me… I’m so thankful and blessed. See you next time!" she added in her caption.

Photo: Eleanor Lee/Instagram

Tyler Ten spread some cheer on his 27th birthday

"To celebrate Tyler’s birthday this year, we organised a charity event. We raised funds and distributed daily essential items to help out seniors living in rental flats!" his fanclub shared on their Instagram. 

What a wholesome way to celebrate turning 27!

Photo: Tyler Ten/Instagram



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