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Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past week.
Happy Mid-autumn festival! It’s the September holidays as well, which means we’re seeing more family vacation pics, and for this overseas Singaporean, a very special gift…

Suthasini taught TikTok dance sensation Uncle Raymond some dance moves

The singer got together with Uncle Raymond, who went mega-viral on TikTok earlier this year, for a video collab, and we're already super excited to see the end result. Could it be the start of another dance trend?

Photo: Suthasini Rajendran/Instagram

Shawn Thia surprised Xenia Tan with a trip to Penang for her birthday

Now this is how you do a birthday surprise. Shawn got everything ready before springing the surprise on his fiancée — from packing Xenia's luggage (she shared in a comment that he even packed all her skincare for her), to getting her passport, itinerary and flight tickets ready. This one really spoil market.

Photo: Xenia Tan/Instagram

Speaking of birthday surprises...

Suhaimi Yusof's colleagues over at Muslim non-profit Jamiyah Singapore had a surprise up their sleeves for the comedian, who turned 53 on Sep 4.

"Thank you my lovely office colleagues. You made me cry leh," he joked in his caption, sharing a video of the surprise celebration, and adorable mooncake 'birthday cake'.

Photo: Suhaimi Yusof/Instagram

Yvonne Lim celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary

Doesn't she look absolutely radiant? Must be 'cos of the gorgeous bouquet Yvonne's husband, Alex Tien, got her.

"Thank you for remembering our anniversary when I was cooped up with work…for taking over parenting duties during this period so I can do what I love..and for being the funniest and thoughtful person you are," Yvonne wrote.

Looks like Australia's a hotspot for our local celebs

Ya Hui, Chen Liping and Tay Ying were just some of the local celebs that were holidaying in Australia last month. And now that it's the September school holidays, we have more celebs who are holidaying Down Under. Romeo Tan, who's in Melbourne, shared that it's his family's first trip in 12 years, while DJ Lim Peifen's enjoying some family time over in Perth.

Photos: Romeo Tan/Instagram, Lim Peifen/Instagram

Sheila Sim went on a huge family vacation too

Now this is what they mean by "the more the merrier". 

"I count my blessings everyday to have such a loving family. Nieces who loves Layla to the bits and puts up with her demands and tantrums," Sheila wrote, sharing that this was a "long awaited family vacation".

Photos: Sheila Sim/Instagram

Jernelle Oh, Ann Kok and Shaun Chen chilled out in the make-up room

The trio, who were there to get their make-up done early in the morning before filming, had fun joking around and making light of a slightly chaotic situation: there was only one make-up artist on duty that morning. But hey, they made it work, right?

Photos: Jernelle Oh/Instagram

Gini Chang shared a hilarious NG take from Healing Heroes

Sometimes, you just gotta roll with the blows. Gini shared this hilarious outtake from a scene in Healing Heroes, where actor Damien Teo was just a little too heavy for her. Oops. 

Watch the first episode of Healing Heroes below.

Photo: Gini Chang/Instagram

Huang Biren shared a heartwarming encounter she had

The actress took to her Instagram to praise a hardworking mooncake salesman she came across. According to her caption, the 18-year-old, who was working part-time during his school holidays, was "friendly, humble, hardworking and helpful". 

She added that he offered to help carry the mooncakes she bought to her car, even after knowing that she was parked in a separate building. 

Photo: Huang Biren/Instagram

Now this is some next-level mooncake delivery.

Remember when we wrote about Anthony Chen, who shared that he'll be delivering some mooncakes from Hong Kong to his celeb friend Sharon Au, while he's in France on business?

Well, he made good on his promise.

"While both his luggages didn’t arrive, luckily for me the precious mooncakes and Lao Po Bing were safely in his hand carry bag," Sharon wrote.

Photo: Sharon Au/Instagram

Cavin Soh paid tribute to his mother.

In a short caption on Instagram, Cavin mourned the passing of his mother, writing:

"My First Friend
My Best Friend
My Forever Friend
My Soul Mate
My First Teacher
My Mentor
My Angel
My Biggest Supporter
My SuperHero
My Mother
The Toughest Lady in my life".

Photo: Cavin Soh/Instagram

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