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Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Were Up To This Week

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past week.


Wait, is it just us, or does this week feel like a back-to-school special?

Three of the posts featured this week are school-themed.

Can you guess who we’re talking about? Read on to find out.

Zoe Tay went on a hike with her celeb friends

Time for a little star-spotting! Zoe gathered so many celeb friends for her hike this week, from former actress Angela Ang to newly-minted All-Time Favourite Artiste Felicia Chin. Oh, what we’d give to be able to spot Ah Jie and her hiking pals out on a nature trail.

Photo: Zoe Tay/Instagram

New Mediacorp drama alert!

The star-studded cast of Soul Detectives officially started work earlier this week, and we can’t wait to see more updates from them.

Photo: The Celebrity Agency/Instagram

Zhang Zetong hosted a live event… and felt the pre-show jitters

Hey, even Star Search winners get nervous sometimes, okay? Thankfully for Zetong, he had 987DJ Sonia Chew as his co-host.

"Thanks for babysitting this newbie host on stage,” Zetong wrote in his caption, adding that Sonia was trying to calm him down up till the “very last minute”.

Photo: Zhang Zetong/Instagram

Ye Jiayun graduated from polytechnic

Congrats to the hospitality and tourism management grad!

So… does this mean that we’ll get to see more of Jiayun on our screens really soon? Fingers crossed!

Photo: Ye Jiayun/Instagram

YES 933 DJs Hazelle Teo and Ze Liang snapped a picture with a very lucky Ngee Ann Polytechnic student

And that lucky student is none other than the most-talked-about freshie Dennis Chew, who is now studying for his Chinese Media and Communication diploma.

Photo: YES 933/Instagram

Speaking of mature students...

It looks like there’s one student trying his very best to make it into Hogwarts. Wang Lei, who’s in London for more live stream shenanigans, sure looks like he’s enjoying his time there.

Photo: Wang Lei/Instagram

Rui En ran into Desmond Tan while getting dim sum

Talk about serendipity. We wonder — what’s their favourite dim sum order?

Photo: Rui En/Instagram

Diana Ser snapped a quick pic with her lunch date

Unfortunately, it seems like her 15-year-old lunch date isn’t too pleased with her “lame jokes”.

Just look at the picture on the left. Well, teenagers, right?

Photos: Diana Ser/Instagram

New mum Kimberly Chia got a surprise visit

Looks like the girls of Live Your Dreams are still super close. Now, isn’t that heartening to see?

And we have to say — motherhood sure looks good on Kimberly, who’s practically glowing.

Photo: Kimberly Chia/Instagram

Sharon Au gave an update regarding her apartment in Paris

Sharon, who revealed that her apartment in Paris was broken into last month, has been slowly sharing more about the traumatic incident. Her latest sharing includes a couple of pictures of what appears to be the lock on her front door, which was literally ripped out by the burglars. 

Photos: Sharon Au/Instagram

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