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Ian Fang Says He Hopes To Be “Rediscovered Again” In IG Post To Mark 33rd Birthday

The actor, who says he hasn’t filmed a new project in a while, also thanked his haters.


Mediacorp actor Ian Fang marked his 33rd birthday today (Dec 13) with a post on Instagram in which he reflected on the year he’s had.

Apart from thanking his mum, his fans and those who love him, Ian had a more unorthodox group of people to thank — his haters.

“I thank my mentors, thank my fans, thank my haters, and thank everything that I’ve experienced thus far. To be able to put my money where my mouth is, is [the essence] of me, Ian Fang. I don’t want to compromise anymore, nor do I wish to change. The me, who loves myself, will continue to advance bravely, those who hate me, please don’t feel apologetic,” he wrote in his caption.

Ian also described the year he’s had as “neither good nor bad”.

“Thank you to those who scolded me, thank you to those who love me, thank you to those who did not leave me, thank you to those who’ll support me forever,” he added.

The actor launched his own hair wax this year.

"I know that there are many people who don’t think highly of me, and I also know that there are people who cherish me and are cheering me on. Things always turn out contrary to the way one wishes, [so] work hard, work hard, and work even harder. That’s what I’ve always said. If there’s anything I’ve done wrong, I’m apologising here! If you’ve wronged me, please get to know me again!” he wrote.

"This year, F you! This year, I super love you too! This year, thankful for all the pain, and no hard feelings either!” he added.

When 8days.sg spoke to Ian in December last year, the actor let on that he was currently "seeing someone" who doesn't work in showbiz.

Ian Fang at The Unbreakable Bond's press conference this year.

Finally, Ian mused: "I’ve not filmed in so long, I’ve been constantly improving myself, waiting for a chance to be rediscovered again.”

The actor’s last drama was The Unbreakable Bond, which premiered in May this year.

Many left comments on the post wishing Ian a happy birthday, including Romeo Tan, Aileen Tan, Kimberly Chia, Jayley Woo, Quan Yifeng.

Photos: Ian Fang/Instagram

Catch Ian in The Unbreakable Bond on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.



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