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Hong Ling & Nick Teo Are Engaged; She Thought She Was Having A Birthday Party On A Yacht But It Turned Out To Be A Proposal

8days.sg has the details to Nick and Hong Ling’s special day, from how difficult it was for Nick to hide the proposal from Hong Ling, to how they both couldn’t control their happy tears from falling.

Hong Ling & Nick Teo Are Engaged; She Thought She Was Having A Birthday Party On A Yacht But It Turned Out To Be A Proposal

Remember how Nick Teo told 8days.sg in March that he hasn’t figured out how he’s going to propose to Hong Ling yet?

Well, it looks like the 33-year-old actor, who also said he will marry the actress before he turns 35, finally figured it out. 

Yes, after seven years of dating, Hong Ling and Nick are engaged. 

In a phone call with 8days.sg this morning (Aug 18), the happy couple revealed that the proposal happened two days ago, on Hong Ling’s 28th birthday.

Nick got down on one knee at Hong Ling’s birthday party, or at least that was what she thought it was.

She said yes!

8DAYS: Congrats! When was the proposal and how did Nick propose?

NICK: The proposal was on her birthday August 16, just two days ago. It happened on a yacht. I told her that I would be throwing her a party so I invited her family, my family and some close friends. [The birthday party] was just to throw her off so she wouldn’t suspect anything. But her friends knew about the proposal.

Why did you choose to do it on a yacht?

NICK: Actually we both love the sea and previously we went to Cebu where I planned quite a romantic surprise for her. It was just a simple dinner but the hotel prepared it really well for me. When I was walking there, I thought it really looked like a proposal. After we posted it on social media, many people also thought that I proposed to her (laughs).

And that particular moment was quite special for us 'cos it was just the two of us, with some songs playing [in the background]. We were also on the beach, dancing. It's why I wanted our actual proposal to be out at sea.

Did Hong Ling suspect a thing?

HONG LING: I wasn’t expecting anything 'cos many people have been asking me and we’ve also talked about it on our own. I actually wanted to get married two to three years later so I thought “Oh my god”. It really [caught me off guard]. (Laughs)

And I also told him many times that I don’t want a proposal. I’m okay with not having one 'cos we’re so close to each other and everything feels confirmed already. (Chuckles) But I’m still very happy and touched by what he’s done. I think he really respects me and my parents that’s why he [proposed anyway]. 

Did you cry when he popped the question?

HONG LING: I did 'cos I really didn’t expect it. I thought it was a birthday party so when he asked me to go up to the deck I thought they were gonna surprise me with a cake (laughs). There really was a cake and they asked me to make a wish, and when I was doing that I heard some noise but I thought they just had a present for me or something. 

Then Nick kept asking me to look at a particular decoration so I turned and saw the [words] “Will you marry me”. I cried straightaway (laughs). 

NICK: Actually for me I thought since I planned everything, I wouldn’t cry but when I saw Hong Ling tear, I cried as well. 

You said you intended to get married two to three years later, so will the actual wedding be then?

HONG LING: I don’t know 'cos [the proposal] just happened two days ago.

NICK: We really haven’t had the time to discuss. We initially planned to get married two years later but we’re not really sure. 

Just look at that sunset, no wonder Nick was intent on waiting for it

So Nick, were you feeling very nervous that day?

NICK: Yes, yes. Actually quite a lot of things happened during the proposal. On that day itself I told Hong Ling I was going to work [when I actually] had to go decorate the yacht. Then it rained in the morning and I was so worried ‘cos I planned for the proposal to happen during sunset. 

It was really cloudy throughout the day too so many things didn’t go as planned. We also couldn't decorate the top deck yet so me and a friend came up with another plan. We first decorated the sides then hid it inside the captain’s room. We also could only start decorating the deck after we left the dock.

All these decorations had to be hidden from Hong Ling, and Hong Ling, being a curious person, always likes to ask a lot of questions. She also wanted to explore the entire place. My friends and I had to block her from the area and stop her from going up. So we took her to other places of the yacht to take pictures just to keep her occupied (laughs).

I also engaged a videographer and photographer and they even mic-ed me up. And the mic kept dropping! I was hoping Hong Ling wouldn't see the mic 'cos if she did, it would be quite obvious. 

So you didn’t propose the moment she arrived on the yacht?

NICK: Nope, we set off first and cruised around St John's Island and waited for the sunset. 

Is there a reason for wanting to do it at sunset? 

NICK: We both love sunrises and sunsets. When we go overseas, we will hike up mountains to catch the sunrise or the sunset. It’s something that’s special to us.

A lot of people have been eager to see you guys take the next step, so why now?

NICK: I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. I thought that a wedding is a really important part of our life so I wanted to be well-prepared for it. I didn’t want it to be like I just propose and we rush everything lor. So I thought why not I just 'chope' her first then we can slowly go ahead with planning the wedding (laughs).

How long ago did you start planning the proposal?

NICK: I’ve been thinking about it for about five to six months, and until three months ago I thought “Okay, I’m gonna do it”. The first thing I did was to ask her parents for their blessings before I started anything.

Were any of your celeb friends present that day?

NICK: I invited Bonnie and Yingying. They were the ones who brought Hong Ling over and updated me on her location.

The perfect ring that took Nick almost three months to find

Did you guys go ring shopping together?

NICK: No, I went alone and I went shopping for it quite a few times ‘cos I couldn’t really decide, I wanted to get the perfect one for her. 

How did you get her ring size?

NICK: Oh, we know almost all the sizes of each other’s accessories 'cos we go shopping together.

HONG LING: Yah, actually I also know Nick’s ring size 'cos we love shopping for accessories. (laughs)

Did you guys talk about the kind of wedding you’d like to have?

NICK: We haven’t really talked about it yet but if I’m not wrong I think Hong Ling would prefer something very romantic and princess-y.

HONG LING: Yes, and 'cos I’m quite a traditional person so maybe a ballroom wedding would be nice.

Photos: Nick Teo/Hong Ling



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