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Here's How Our Stars Celebrated National Day 2022

Who took a selfie with our president?

Here's How Our Stars Celebrated National Day 2022

Happy 57th Birthday Singapore! And boy, do our stars look great in red and white! 

Scroll down to see how local celebs celebrated our nation’s big day. Was it through food, hanging out with friends and family or simply taking some time to appreciate the lovely views our country has to offer?

Rui En took a photo with the iconic dragon playground, and wrote a poem for Singapore

“Ang Ang Gao Jurong : National Day Edition
How do I love thee, Singapore? Let me count the ways. 
Rojak and tissue packets, 4D and hawker centres
La and leh, sia and chey 
Red and white, MBS at night
Crying at the parade, laughing in the rain”

We wonder how long the actress took to come up with that.

Photos: Rui En/Instagram

Kym Ng filmed a very sweet video of her running through the city with our flags fluttering proudly in the wind

Doesn’t this make you smile? Just look at how happy the actress is while soaking in the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Photos: Kym Ng/Instagram

Richie Koh was all excited to be wearing Tian Cai’s favourite colour "Red!"

If you don't follow Your World In Mine, you would not understand the inside joke here. But for those who love the Mediacorp drama, they would know how much Richie’s character Zheng Tian Cai loves the colour red and why many people wrote the word 'red' in the comments too. 

Photos: Richie Koh/Instagram

Kimberly Wang feasted on local food and snapped a selfie with our prez 

What’s Singapore without our favourite hawker food, right? And also the 987FM jock is evidently very proud of her (sorta) selfie with president Halimah Yacob.

Photos: Kimberly Wang/Instagram

Michelle Chong, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan & Ann Kok had a National Day party

We’re not kidding when we say Michelle really went all out hosting her National Day gathering with her pals. There were flags, balloons and well, that splendid view of the Singapore Flyer. 

Next year can invite us also? 

Photos: Michelle Chong/Instagram

Suhaimi Yusof reminded us how Singaporeans "survive and thrive"

“Shortage of chicken, we choose another meat - "eggs". Shortage of toilet paper, we use bidet and wash better. Shortage of potatoes, we don't care, does anyone even know about this "kentang" thing? Over-supply of durians, no problem - every weekend we "durian party" to bring balance to the market.”

Photos: Suhaimi Yusof/Instagram

Cynthia Koh celebrated National Day with…… Jackson Wang?

Just kidding, that’s just one of her skate squad pals, whom she called "our own #jacksonwang". Is it because of the blonde hair and sunnies?

Photos: Cynthia Koh/Instagram

Bonnie Loo had “I love Singapore” written on her face

No better way to express your love for your country than to have it (temporarily) tattooed on your face, right?

Photos: Bonnie Loo/Instagram

Yvonne Lim finally made it to the National Day Parade 

It’s no secret that the actress really wants to go to the NDP, and so she did. 

“I’m so happy to finally let AJ and Alexa experience national day!,” she beamed. 

“Even though we only got to watch the preview, being able to experience it with my family and friends already makes it perfect!”

Photos: Yvonne Lim/Instagram

Xu Bin and Chantalle Ng had a photoshoot... in a lift 

Yup, nothing can stop the My Star Bride duo, who are now shooting upcoming drama Love at First Bite, from commemorating the nation’s big day, not even work.

“Filming on National Day, brought an extra set of clothes to change during our lunch break,” wrote the actor, who proceeded to do red-and-white themed photoshoot with Chantalle in a lift.

Photos: Xu Bin/Instagram

Yahui may be in Australia now but she definitely didn’t forget about National Day

We guess the actress packed a flag with her just so she can take this photo? 

Photos: Yahui/Instagram



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