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Eleanor Lee, Glenn Yong Trade Pointed Barbs Online After Announcing They’ve Resolved Their Conflict

He says it’s not a misunderstanding, she says someone’s using her to boost their career.


Earlier this week, it was reported that local stars, or should we say colleagues, Eleanor Lee, 22, and Glenn Yong, 25, had resolved a conflict that arose since mid-2021 with the help of their lawyers.

Glenn had filed a harassment case naming Eleanor as the respondent, and the duo had multiple sessions of Case Management Conferences (CMCs) since April 2022.

Prior to this, Glenn spoke to 8days.sg earlier this year, revealing that he was being harassed online by an anonymous hater, whom he believes is someone he knows.

Then, on Aug 8, Eleanor posted a statement on her Instagram Story, revealing that the “misunderstanding" between her and Glenn, whom she described as a “colleague”, has since been resolved.

A few hours later, Glenn posted the same statement on his IG Story, claiming that everything has been resolved. There were a few glaring differences between his statement and Eleanor’s, though.

Apart from removing a couple of grammatical errors, Glenn also omitted the word “misunderstanding" from his statement entirely.

It was reported that Eleanor later reposted her statement, removing the word “misunderstanding" as well.

Anyone craving BBQ right now?

Apart from that, Eleanor also took to her IG Story to share a couple of snaps from her latest variety show in China.

In between these posts, she added this selfie, with the caption : “Sometimes people can’t make their own fire, so they'll get up into someone’s grill", as well as a laughing emoji.

She later posted a photo on her Instagram, captioning it: "Sometimes when you can’t help someone with their career, they come after yours. But hey, life goes on and I have rehearsals to go to, [be right back]!

On the same day, Glenn shared a post, with this caption: "Nahh what misunderstanding. Just wanna live in peace and wrap myself up in a comfy coat,” along with the same laughing emoji Eleanor used in her IG Story.

He also shared this picture on his Instagram Story, seemingly advocating for an end to cyberbullying.

So…. is the conflict resolved… or not?

Say no to cyber bullying?

Photos: Eleanor Lee/Instagram, Glenn Yong/Instagram

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