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Gini Chang, Jernelle Oh, Juin Teh And Seow Sin Nee Went Camping And It Was Crazy Intense

Guess who lost their voice for a week after the shoot?


Say hello to Mediacorp artistes Seow Sin Nee, 26,  Jernelle Oh, 28, Juin Teh, 32, and Gini Chang, 28, or well, 4567.

The quartet make up 4567, a girl group created by Mediacorp's artiste management arm The Celebrity Agency (TCA).

4567 recently took part in a new game show for Mediacorp's bite-sized entertainment and lifestyle series #JustSwipeLah called 4567 Where Are We Now?.

For this episode, the girls were made to complete a series of outdoorsy tasks, with no prior warning or preparation.

According to #JustSwipeLah’s executive producer, the girls had zero idea what was in store for them when they turned up for the shoot, which went on for 12 hours.

Camping, Mongolian-style.

It all went down at a Beyond Expeditions campsite, which features an authentic Mongolian yurt.

As part of the challenge, the quartet had to complete a series of camping-related tasks and missions. However, there’s a twist — one out of the four girls is a ‘spy’, who has to attempt to sabotage the missions.

While everything seemed fine and dandy at first, the shoot slowly became more challenging as the day progressed. Not only did they deal with the scorching sun, it also started drizzling in the afternoon.

Poor Juin.

Also, Juin lost her voice. 

Turns out, Juin only just recovered from a cold before the shoot, and so her voice was already a little hoarse. However, she pressed on.

Towards the end of the video, Juin couldn’t even speak, and could barely manage to croak out a few words during the big reveal.

After that, Juin shared that she ended up losing her voice for an entire week, and had to have Sin Nee replace her as the host for two #JustSwipeLah episodes.

The sandfly bites were vicious.

But that’s not all. No camping expedition is complete without a couple of ‘souvenirs’ from Mother Nature, right?

You might not be able to see it from this screenshot, but there were quite a number of sandflies buzzing about the campsite, leaving the girls with multiple bites on their legs.

For Gini, the itching and bumps only subsided close to a month after the shoot, while Jernelle had to visit the doctor due to the severity of the bites. Ouch!

Watch all three parts of their camping experience below.

Photos: Just Swipe Lah, Mediacorp Entertainment/YouTube



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