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Elvin Ng Admits He Likes To “Sniff His Watch Strap” After It’s Marinated With “Months Of Sweat”

TMI? That's not the most, um, interesting thing the actor revealed about himself in a recent interview. 


Elvin Ng. Philosophical, interior-design fanatic, knick-knack collector, actor… and someone who likes to sniff his stinky watch strap?!

Believe us, we did a double-take when we first read this too. But it’s 100 per cent true. And no, this little factoid was not forced out of Elvin with a knife held to his throat. 

Chinese media outlet Lianhe Zaobao hit up some local celebs recently, inviting them to share a couple of "Points About Me That Might Surprise You”.

You know, the same Facebook trend that made Taiwanese host Xiao Zhong share that his "right arm is a lot bigger than [his] left arm” 'cos he’s been single for the past three-and-a-half years.

Aiyah, how can?!

And boy, did Elvin’s points blow everyone else's out of the water. Here are the five things he offered up:

1. I really like to sniff my leather watch strap when it's filled with the scent of sweat after wearing it for a few months during filming.

2. I’m extremely scared of lizards.

3. I’m able to use just one makeup brush to do my entire face, [essentially] conquering the world.

4. I can’t live without tissue paper, there are too many things that I use it for.

5. I am lactose intolerant.

Are you watching this?

About Elvin’s first point... he likes to sniff what?!

According to him, sniffing his watch strap, after it has been, um, marinated with months of sweat, helps “invigorate” his spirits.

Elvin's watch strap must've been particularly... fragrant after filming the 130-episode The Heartland Hero.

Elvin even joked that if he’s close with his co-stars, he would even invite them to take a whiff of his watch strap too.

Um… wonder who the lucky (or unlucky) ones are.

A true foodie.

Elvin also opened up about being lactose intolerant. And we mean open up.

He revealed that he’s not one to watch his diet, despite being unable to digest food that contain lactose. 

As a result, his bowel movements are less-than-ideal, if we were to put it nicely.

Revealing that he has diarrhea 90 per cent of the time he does a number two, Elvin said: “It’s 'cos I am lactose intolerant, and yet don’t watch my diet, eating literally anything like dairy products, laksa, curry, coconut milk, mala. I like it all.”

Wait... Elvin’s doctor? Are you reading this?

Photos: Elvin Ng/Instagram



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