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Elvin Ng Breaks Down When He Recalls His Dad’s Last Days In Hospital

The actor tells Quan Yifeng about the emotional ordeal he went through after his dad's death in 2012.

Elvin Ng Breaks Down When He Recalls His Dad’s Last Days In Hospital
Elvin Ng went through one of the darkest points of his life in 2012 when his father died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm at the age of 57 after getting hospitalised for heart problems. And the famously filial actor recounted to Quan Yifeng what he went through that year on the latest episode of talk show Hear U Out.

It was his first day on the set of Mediacorp drama Absolutely Charming when he received a phone call from his younger sister telling him that their dad was in the hospital. "It was because that scene required me to use my phone that I heard her call. And I rushed to the hospital after that," Elvin, 39, said.

“For four days, I shuttled between the hospital and the film set,” Elvin said. “I didn’t go home because my dad’s condition was pretty critical and he needed to go for surgery. At that time I had to go back to work but I really wanted to be by his side when they rolled him into the operation theatre. But two hours before that I had to tell him that I had work."

"I didn’t dare say ‘bye bye’ to him. I said, ‘Dad, I’m going to work’..." added Elvin, his voice cracking with emotion.

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