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Did You Know These 50 Things About Zoe Tay (Who Turns 50 Today)?

After countless covers and decades of stories in every magazine and newspaper in town, is there anything new we can discover about local showbiz’s reigning queen? The answer is yes. We celebrate Zoe Tay with 50 fun facts you (probably) didn’t know about her.

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Did You Know These 50 Things About Zoe Tay (Who Turns 50 Today)?

“Is Zoe Tay still alive? Are there any death rumours about her?” That dynamite question was lobbed at Ah Jie by, not us, but The Celebrity Agency’s filming crew. It was among a list of random muses by netizens on local TV’s biggest star, and was culled by the crew from the WWW to test Ah Jie’s reaction. Yes, it’s a strange new world we live in. One where fake news and celeb death hoaxes abound, which is why that probe probably shouldn’t come as all-too-surprising. But still, Zoe looks slightly jolted. Mild shock flits across her face, then she, in all seriousness, intones, “Yes, I’m still alive,” before letting loose her trademark husky laugh.

Well, Zoe is not only alive and kicking, thankyouverymuch, but still the reigning Queen of Caldecott Hill, and now, Stars Avenue, and she’ll be turning fabulous 50 come Jan 10. And while turning half-a-century old might have unnerved Ah Jie once upon a time, she now takes it in her stride. “Finally, I’ve arrived at 50. In my 30s, 50 seemed so far away. I thought turning 50 would be a very scary and drastic change. But life’s still the same,” Zoe laughs. “Approaching 50, I feel like my life is quite good and has gone according to plan. Some people go through a mid-life crisis. But I’m quite lucky. Things have been moving quite smoothly for me. Life still isn’t perfect, but it’s considered okay lor.”

The Ah Jie at five-oh is also enjoying what she calls the “most carefree” time of her life, what with a less-hectic work schedule (while she used to film two to three dramas a year, she takes on just one or two dramas a year now) and her three sons with her pilot-hubby Philip Chionh — Brayden, 12, Ashton, 10, and Nathan, seven — being somewhat grown up. Also, with age, comes a placid, zen-like attitude towards life’s lemons. “Now, even if the sky falls down, I’ll just calmly go and handle it,” she says. So chillax is the Ah Jie that she’s all ready to kick back her heels, relax and… retire? (O-m-g, say it isn’t so, Zoe.)

Zoe Tay's 50th Birthday

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