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Derrick Hoh & Wife Welcome Baby Girl, He Tells Fans To Call Him “Hohpa” Instead of “Oppa”

Does that make his wife Hohma?

Congratulations are in order for singer-songwriter Derrick Hoh, 36, who just welcomed his first child, a baby girl.

Yesterday (Aug 25), the proud father took to Instagram to announce the arrival of his daughter, nicknamed Nori, as well as share their very first family photo.

You used to call me #Oppa, it's time to call me #Hohpa. Say hi to our daughter, nicknamed Nori!” wrote the Project Superstar alum.

In case you’re wondering, Derrick said they came up with the name Nori “on a whim” when his digital marketing manager wife, whom he refers to as “Jellies” on his socials, was hungry.

“Our dog’s name is Uni (Japanese for sea urchin), so we thought Nori, which means seaweed, would be a good fit,” he said.

Hi Nori!

In a statement released by his agency, Derrick revealed that he had accompanied his wife during delivery and it felt so “magical” holding the 3.05kg bundle of joy in his arms for the first time that he teared.

But what’s even better? Hearing everyone congratulate him on being a dad.

“[It] is better than winning any award [at] any awards show,” he quipped.

Well, that was only the beginning.

After Derrick announced the good news on Instagram, fans and celeb pals like Dennis Chew and Hong Junyang, who also just welcomed his second daughter, flooded the comments section with even more congratulatory messages.

There were also fellow new dads who welcomed Derrick to “the sleepy eyes club”, while others couldn’t resist unleashing some cheeky puns.

“Congrats Hohpa!!! And the omakase family!! wrote Tay Kewei, while The Freshman’s Chen Diya said: “Woohoo!! Congratulations on [the promotion]! Does that make your house #HohPaVilla…”

Hur hur.

Looks like he's adjusting well to his daddy duties

Derrick and his wife tied the knot in 2020 and shared on April Fools' Day this year that they were expecting their first child.

He revealed that they started trying for a baby late last year and managed to conceive very quickly.

Photos: Cross Ratio Entertainment, Derrick Hoh/Instagram



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