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Father-Of-One Derrick Hoh Calls For More Dad-Friendly Nursing Rooms In Singapore Malls, Praises JEM

The singer shared his experience on his Instagram, inviting fellow parents to chime in.


Local singer Derrick Hoh, 37, has really adjusted to life as a father since welcoming his daughter, Nori Hoh, in August.

And on Nov 11, the hands-on father took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on nursing rooms in Singapore, noting that “there are quite a lot of malls with nursing rooms that do not allow fathers to enter”.

"On one end we are trying to eliminate toxic masculinity but on the other end the situation doesn't set up willing fathers for success to help out their partners,” he added.

Derrick went on to note that he has found that of all the nursing rooms he’s been to, JEM, located in Jurong East, has the “most Dad-friendly nursing room”.

A mini-tour of JEM's spacious nursing room, featuring baby Nori.

"It has doors that will only open for parents with children or babies, which makes it extremely exclusive and clean as a result. They even have a toilet for you to accompany your child to do their business without a need for you to bring your daughter to the men's room,” he wrote.

The singer lauded the thoughtful move, musing: "I imagine how awkward it is for toddler Nori when I have to bring her to the gentlemen's washroom because Jellies [Derrick’s wife] is not around.”

He then laughingly declined to share more about the “worst" nursing rooms he’s visited, before ending his post by inviting fellow parent to chime in.

Fellow parents, what do you think?

Judging from the comments left on Derrick’s post, it seems like his sentiment is one that is pretty much shared by all parents.

"We seriously need more better nursing rooms around if the government is encouraging more child births!” one netizen exclaimed.

Others chimed in to share malls that they have found to have well-equipped nursing rooms, like Jewel, Jurong Point, Westgate, Ngee Ann City, and Waterway Point.

Another netizen recommended an app that keeps track of all nursing rooms.

"You can download Go!Mama app to search for the nearest nursing rooms in mall. I heard from some mummies that sometimes they found that the nursing rooms were occupied by the mall staff resting inside,” the netizen wrote.

And the best solution is...

Finally, there was one netizen who pointed out that some mothers who breastfeed might not be comfortable doing so near male strangers.

"Maybe can propose to have a family room where there are cubicles for dads or moms to change diapers and another nursing room with separate cubicles strictly for nursing mothers?” the netizen suggested.

Derrick agreed with her points, writing: "On the flip side, any gentleman will find it awkward to be changing his baby's diapers just outside where a stranger mommy is breastpumping or breastfeeding as well.”

"I think your proposal for every mall to have a family room or a dad friendly nursing room might actually work well in theory! I think this way we might be able to avoid potential social awkwardness or even undesirable misunderstandings!” he added.

Photos: Derrick Hoh/Instagram



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