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Dennis Chew Says There Was A Spirit Sighting While Filming New Ghost Show; Wants Everyone To “Think Twice” Before Seeking Adventure

Better to play safe, okay?


This is probably not for the faint of heart. Seriously. Oh, and maybe don’t read this at night too. You know, especially since the 7th lunar month, AKA the Hungry Ghost Festival is already upon us.

But if you’re still here, then let Love 972 jock, and the man behind the popular Mr Zhou paranormal podcast, radio segment and TV series, Dennis Chew, 48, as well as YouTuber Das DD, 31, regal you with some seriously spine-tingling spooky encounters.

In a recent Just Swipe Lah video, Dennis and Das travelled to two of the “more intense locations” that the new spooky paranormal exploration series, Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings, was shot.

Ghosthunters Das and Dennis on the move.

The first location is a colonial-era house in Singapore that’s said to be haunted by a family of ghosts.

On their drive over, Dennis shared why he’s doing this show.

“We did this programme to let people know that in this plane we’re living in, there’s another dimension that they are in-charge of. So let’s show each other some respect. I won’t offend you, and you won’t offend me. And we want to let people know of their existence too,” he said.

We'd be frozen with fear too.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Dennis caught sight of the house, and stopped speaking, wincing in fear.

Thankfully, he managed to gather his wits, continued shortly: "We hope that through this programme, people will think twice before going out and seeking adventure in the future.”

There's nothing in the trees.... right?

Dennis revealed that the house’s ‘inhabitants' are pretty active. Before the shoot, the episode’s special guest, a paranormal master, was waylaid, and found himself unable to locate the place. What was usually a five-minute journey, became a 45-minute trip instead.

“The master later said he was late 'cos they didn’t want him to be there,” Dennis said.

The master’s wife, who appeared to be attuned with the spirit world as well, later told Dennis that she’d seen something dressed in red hanging on a tree when she made a visit down to the house prior to the shoot.

“It even knows how to travel to the bus stop in front of the house. So sometimes, when your car goes by, you’ll notice a lady in red standing at the bus stop. She’s the one hanging on the tree,” Dennis said.

He added that their second guest, a member of the public who’s able to “see" such spirits, really did see something paranormal during their shoot. Yikes!

Moving on...

The next location Dennis and Das travelled to, is a particular road in the East that’s said to be one of the most haunted spots in Singapore.

According to Dennis, the road usually sees heavy paranormal activity. Thankfully, it is somewhat tempered by the presence of multiple temples.

While they were filming their episode, Dennis used an electro-magnetic field (EMF) detector, but couldn’t detect anything. Eventually, the group decided to leave, and turned to walk back towards the main junction, where the director had lit up some joss paper as an offering before filming.

That's true terror on Dennis' face.

Suddenly, the EMF detector immediately jumped to the red section, to everyone’s surprise.

“It was then that we realised 'cos we had burnt some joss paper offerings, they were all congregated there,” Dennis said.

Watch the full Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings episode below. You can also catch the first two episodes on meWATCH here.

P.S: Dennis also shares a spooky encounter he had with a ‘guardian angel’ while filming a MV in the full #JustSwipeLah video, as well as how Das caused someone to be possessed during an episode of Mr Zhou's Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings.

Watch it below:

Photos: Just Swipe Lah, meWATCH



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