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Dee Hsu Says The Most Awesome Things

We all want to be BFFs with the International Professional Super Star (her words, not ours)

Dee Hsu Says The Most Awesome Things

They had packed themselves like sardines in a can outside Taiwanese fashion brand iRoo’s Ngee Ann City boutique on Friday (July 7) just for one thing: To see Taiwanese host Dee Hsu be herself. And the 39-year-old star (she also refers to herself in a joking-not-really-joking-way as IPSS, which is short for ‘International Professional Super Star’, on social media), did not disappoint her fans. Dee, popularly known as Xiao S (or Little S in Mandarin), was in town to celebrate iRoo’s 7th anniversary in Singapore and she’s someone who we would call the perfect brand spokesperson. She gladly hammed it up for the cameras with her wacky dance poses (FYI: she’s an accomplished ballroom dancer) and delighted fans and the media with her inane humour, all while extolling the virtues of wearing iRoo. But of course it was her scintillating wit that had everyone wanting more of her.

On being face of iRoo
“I wish iRoo will flourish and keep me as their spokesperson so I can continue earning their money”

On her fans, some of whom had made their way down from Malaysia
“I heard there are people who came here specially from Malaysia? Where are you? Please don’t waste your time like that okay? How long does it take to drive here from Malaysia? 10 hours?! Oh four hours, then it’s okay.”

On Lin Chiling, who Dee considers as her nemesis (jokingly, of course)
Dee Hsu (to the crowd): Who is the most popular female star in Asia?
Crowd: Xiao S!
Dee Hsu: Who is the weakest actor in Didis’s Dream?
Crowd: Lin Chiling!
Dee Hsu: Yes, that’s right.

On the type of roles she wants to take on after Didi’s Dream, a big screen comedy directed by her Kangsi Coming co-host Kevin Tsai and which stars Dee and Chiling
“I want to play darker, more serious roles, like a killer or [someone in] a horror movie. Or a lesbian. (A journo asks: So who would be her love interest in that movie?) I would want to act opposite Zhou Xun.
(At this point, an iRoo minder interjects: Can the questions be about the brand?) I don’t know if Zhou Xun wears iRoo (laughs).

On the less than stellar box office takings of Didi’s Dream
“It’s all Lin Chiling’s fault”

On which guest she was most impressed with on her new cooking show, S-Style Show
“I was surprised by Nicholas Tse. Even though he doesn’t talk much but the way he cooks… even my mum, who watched that episode was like “How can Nic Tse be so charming! The way he sliced the fish!” I rolled my eyes [when she said that] (laughs). I think I inherited my boy crazy ways from her.”

On her fave local dish
“I love laksa the most. And nasi lemak. I’m craving for it now. I’m struggling to decide if I should eat nasi lemak or not. It will be shameless if I do. I’m salivating just talking about it.”

On which Singaporean ‘male god’ (a term the Chinese press uses to describe a dreamy male star) she fancies most
“Who are the Singaporean male gods? Christopher Lee? He’s married already. JJ Lin? I worked with him before. He is very talented but I don’t think I want to do anything with him.”

On the pressures of looking picture perfect
“It’s okay if I look bloated and have to attend an event. Female stars are human too.”

Dee and her husband Mike. They've been married for 12 years.

On her husband
“Recently, my husband lost weight. He used to like to wear tight tops with a lot of elaborate patterns. And also suits. But it’s just not my style. He’ll ask me, “You think it’s too much?” And I’ll tell him, “Since when have you been concerned with looking too much?”

Dee and her daughters

On her three daughters, Elly, 11, Lily, nine and Alice, five
“When I fancy a male star, I will show his picture to my daughters and ask them if they think he is cute. They’ll usually go ‘Not cute! So ugly!” And when I ask if the male star is better looking or their father? They’ll say their father. Then I’ll ask if the male star is cuter or their grandpa is cuter and they’ll say their grandpa. So okay, I hope they find someone like their grandpa in the future (laughs).”

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