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Ex-Mediacorp Actor Chunyu Shanshan Releases New Song; Says He’s Always Wanted To Be A Singer

He sang the closing theme song for The Royal Monk 25 years ago, which makes his new song a ‘comeback single’.


He acts, he dances… and now, he sings. Former Mediacorp actor Chunyu Shanshan, who’s a familiar face to fans of local dramas in the '90s, recently released a song on his WeChat, titled ‘Jie Wo Yi Wan Wang Qing Tang’, which can be loosely translated as 'Lend Me A Bowl Of Soup To Forget Love'. Yes, it's mouthful, we know. 

The song was accompanied by a music video, with Shanshan, 54, sharing in his caption: “I really wanted to be a professional singer [in the past], but I was interrupted by filming. Now that I’m older, it doesn’t matter if I play around a bit.”

Stills from the music video of Shanshan's new song.

For those who remember, Shanshan sang the closing theme song for 1997 drama, The Royal Monk, in which he starred with Chinese actor Cao Jun, Shanshan, Chen Tianwen and Ivy Lee.

In a recent interview with 8world, Shanshan revealed why he decided to try his hand at being a singer once more.

Shanshan met up with Li Nanxing (standing, centre) and Rayson Tan (standing, right), when he returned to Singapore in 2018. That's Shanshan's wife, Shirley, seated on the left, and Nanxing's manager Terri, on the right.

As it turns out, the opportunity to release a song was due to a chance encounter.

“About a year ago, a music producer friend asked me to record a congratulatory video. I then told him that if he had a song that he needed to record, I could sing it for him as well,” Shanshan recalled.

The music producer friend then arranged for Shanshan to record a demo for the song.

“Once the session finished, I think they felt that my voice was not bad as well, so they rearranged the song, and I recorded it again, and then the song was done,” he said.

Things then proceeded at light-speed. They even shot the music video on the same day, while he was recording in the studio.

“Honestly, the entire process felt as if I was just playing around 'cos I really liked to sing back in the day. This time round, I don’t expect to attract too much attention with the release of this song,” he said.

Adding that he wanted to be a singer when he was younger (a fact that he once shared in a 1993 interview with 8days.sg), Shanshan lamented that his dream was waylaid by the fact that he did not receive any offers back then.

“If someone were to approach me to develop my singing career right now, I don’t think I would reject them,” he said.

Shanshan also revealed that his Singaporean wife, Shirley, has not heard the song yet. He laughed that she rarely keeps track of his projects, and that of his four kids, his eldest daughter, 24-year-old Emma, is the only one who’s heard the song so far.

According to the actor, Emma praised the song, as well as his singing skills.

Shanshan with his wife Shirley (extreme left) and their four kids: Emma 24, Ozzy, 18, Ian, 8, and Travis, 20.

Shanshan, who’s currently based in China, also shared that he’s been busy filming the past few months. The actor just wrapped up work on a web film, and is currently on break in Qingdao. He’ll resume work next month with a role in a new online drama.

He added that the amount of projects offered to him has decreased 'cos of the pandemic, which is why he tends to accept any offers that he receives these days.

You can rewatch The Royal Monk on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.

Photos: 8world, Chunyu Shanshan/Instagram

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