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Chen Yixi Has To Google His Parents Xiang Yun & Edmund Chen's Wedding Anniversary

Having famous parents sure has its perks, but the actor is definitely not depending on them for success.

Chen Yixi is dressed all in black as if to say that he wants very much to stay out of the limelight. But we think it's going to be uphill battle for him, not just because he's the son of the well-loved Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen, but also 'cos of his charming, very likable personality. It's also a testament to how well-brought-up Yixi is when a miscommunication about the interview timing caused our chat to be delayed for hours, but the budding actor remained patient and cheerful, never showing his displeasure once. And just like his artwork, Yixi is lovably animated and intersperses our chat with infectious bursts of laughter. Chatting with him is like talking to a friend, or a boyfriend who you would want to bring home to mum.

There’s no doubt that Yixi is one of the most promising members of the group of second-generation stars, which also includes his sister Yixin. Not only has he launched a book of his artwork, Xi the World, the 27-year-old Mediacorp artiste has also appeared in several dramas, including Toggle 's latest sketch comedy series, We The Citizens, where he plays two roles, a hipster millennial and a nerdy intern. As if it wasn’t enough, he and his sister, both flew to Shanghai with fellow second-gen star Tay Ying, to audition for three-month acting course at Motown, a Chinese entertainment training academy.


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