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Chantalle Ng Asking Netizens To Help Find Ex Child Actor Xiao Li Yuan With Whom She Played “Hide-And-Seek” On Set Of 2007 Mediacorp Drama Let It Shine

The actress has exhausted all resources in her search for her long-lost friend and now wants your help.


UPDATE: Chantalle managed to find Li Yuan after just two days. Full story (and pictures of their meetup!) here.

Looks like Chen Xi isn’t the only second-gen star to have made new friends while tagging along with his famous parents to work. 

Yesterday (Jun 13), Chantalle Ng, 26, shared a series of posts on her IG Story, seeking the help of the Internet to locate a former child actor, who seems to have fallen off the radar. contacted Chantalle to find out more, and she readily provided more information via a series of voice messages. 

Anyone knows where Xiao Li Yuan is?

According to Chantalle, she was 11 when she first met the Chinese child actor, Xiao Li Yuan, back in 2006. At that time, both Li Yuan and Chantalle’s mum, Lin Meijiao, 58, were filming Let It Shine. In the drama, Li Yuan played a troubled student named Situ Bi.

"My mum was filming Let It Shine, and I always followed her on set, and during his break, we would just hang out in the artiste rest room together,” Chantalle shared, adding: "I remember playing hide-and-seek, and catching, and I remember having so much fun with him. He was really like a friend to me.”

However, the two of them fell out of contact after filming for the drama ended. Chantalle revealed that she’s “been trying to reconnect for years”, to no avail.

But, she only recently ramped up her efforts to search for Li Yuan, who also goes by Andrew, thanks to her upcoming project.

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.

Chantalle said she’s now filming upcoming Mediacorp drama Love At First Bite alongside Xu Bin, and since this has to remain spoiler-free, all we’ll say is that there are some throwback scenes involving the childhood memories of Chantalle and Xu Bin’s characters.

"I got reminded of this friend I used to have 'cos [Li Yuan] was a friend I used to play with together when we were young,” said Chantalle.

That's Li Yuan on the far right, top row. Jean is on the far right, bottom row.

She revealed that she even went around asking various crew and cast members who might’ve worked with him way back when.

“Everyone remembered him, but nobody had his contact,” she said.

Chantalle also contacted local artist Jean Goh (who also goes by Jean Seizure), who played Liu Xishi in Let It Shine. However, Jean did not have Li Yuan’s contact either.

Undaunted, she then went on to seek assistance from Mediacorp’s casting director, who’s bound to have a copy of Li Yuan’s portfolio and his contact details right? Unfortunately, that was not the case.

"Even [the casting department] lost his contact already. So I said, 'You know what, I will just post it online and see if anybody replies’.” Chantalle said.

So there you have it. Netizens, time to get your detective hats on.

Li Yuan with Felicia Chin.

Catch up on Let It Shine on meWATCH here. You can watch the first episode below too.

Photos: Chantalle Ng/Instagram, meWATCH, Mediacorp



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