Celebrity Name Drop Contestant Originally Denied Jackpot Wins $10k Prize After Gold 905 Reverses Decision

Congratulations, Muhammad Shalehan!

GOLD 905’s Celebrity Name Drop Game Saga has come to a happy, or shall we say, feel good ending.

After contestant Muhammad Shalehan protested that he was denied the top prize of $10,000 of cash and shopping spree over his pronunciation of British singer Tony Hadley’s name, and hunted down the singer for his endorsement of the pronunciation, the radio station has revised its decision to award Shalehan the bounty. So now there are two winners: Shalehan and Jerome Tan.

On Friday (May 22), GOLD 905 issued a statement on Facebook: “Thank you for all your feedback and posts. We have reached out to Mr Shalehan again to convey that we are deeply sorry. Since Tony Hadley has said that Mr Shalehan said his name correctly, who are we to disagree? The full prize of $10,000 cash and shopping spree will also be awarded to Mr Shalehan. We value all our listeners and your continued support.”

On his Facebook page, an elated Shalehan wrote: “A big thank you to all those who stooded (sic) up by me in this fight!!! For all we/listeners know i am the righful winner. Thanks to the support from my family.. A bIG Thank you to MR TONY HADLEY FOR HIS EFFORT / VIDEO AND HIS endorsement of my pronounciation (sic) of his name.”

He added, “Finally, its a dream come true for me and my wife to do some charity work.”

Speaking of Hadley, the ex-Spandau Ballet frontman is scheduled to perform in Singapore on Oct 10 at The Theatre at Mediacorp. His gig was originally slated on Feb 16 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sounds like a chance for Shalehan to meet the man himself — has he bought front-row tickets to the show yet?

Tony Hadley Photo: TPG News/Click Photos 


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