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Bobby Tonelli and Rosalyn Lee On Finding Love On Tinder, Wonder Woman's Armpits And The Star Awards Most Popular Artistes List

The stars of Ch 5's Steady Lah! tell us what's steady and what's not.

Bobby Tonelli and Rosalyn Lee On Finding Love On Tinder, Wonder Woman's Armpits And The Star Awards Most Popular Artistes List

From the Oscars Best Picture snafu to Gal Gadot’s shaven armpits, we quiz Bobby Tonelli and Rosalyn Lee, hosts of Ch 5’s new info-ed show Steady Lah!, on whether these hot-button topics are steady or not.

Hot-button topic #1: Adele beating Beyoncé for Album of the Year at this year’s Grammys
BOBBY TONELLI: STEADY! “Beyoncé is great but Adele’s voice is on a whole different level. The theory about institutionalised racism [being the reason for Beyoncé losing to Adele] is a bit too much. We’re getting into a politically-correct era that is harming the creative arts. This has nothing to do with race. Adele just had a really good album — even Beyoncé said so.”
ROSALYN LEE: NOT STEADY! “I think it’s time for Beyoncé to be recognized at the Grammys. Seriously, what was Adele’s speech about? She probably felt like she didn’t deserve the award as well. I don’t think she even believes in her work. Those who like Adele songs are probably people who haven’t recovered from heartbreak in 10 years.”

Hot-button topic #2: CNN reporter allegedly eating part of a human brain on live TV as part of a Hindu cannibal sect’s spiritual ritual
“You’ve got to give it to him. He shows that he’s willing to learn about someone’s beliefs. I’m not condoning cannibalism, but if he wants to showcase someone’s religion, it’s kind of hard for him to say ‘no’. If I were in his shoes, I’d do it too. But I’d have to drink a lot of alcohol first.”
ROSALYN: STEADY LAH! “’Cos he’s respecting their culture and traditions. Usually, if I’m in someone’s house, I’d follow their customs. So if I were there and they offered me brains, I’d just suck it up and eat it. But I’ll bring my own food next time and say that I’m vegetarian — not ’cos I disrespect them but ’cos I really don’t want to eat brains (laughs).”

Hot-button topic #3: Celebs, like Sheila Sim and Jamie Yeo, finding love on Tinder
“I’ve never been on Tinder. I’ve been fortunate to have met people through friends or events. But there are a lot of people out there who find it hard to meet someone. So, if Tinder can help, that’s great. It’s easier for celebs in Singapore to use Tinder ’cos we don’t have paparazzi here. So, steady for celebs here, but not steady for those in countries like Hollywood, Hongkong or Taiwan.”
ROSALYN: STEADY LAH! “I was very surprised that Jamie [Yeo] did such a frank and candid interview [with 8 DAYS on meeting her other half through Tinder]. I texted her my kudos. That was a great status that she put on Tinder, about how there’s no way she would find a guy at the bar so here she is looking for someone nice. It’s so frank. She’s the last person I expected this from. I’m very inspired by her. When I’m ready to have someone in my life, I’d go on Tinder… soon… sometime… not yet (laughs).”

Hot-button topic #4: Oscars Best Picture snafu
“That was funny to watch. That person had one job to do — give the right envelope. But, to be fair, although Warren Beatty said that it wasn’t his or co-presenter Faye Dunaway’s fault, they could have said there’s something wrong and stopped there. But they just went along with it.”
ROSALYN: NOT STEADY! “They robbed the moment from Moonlight, just like how Kanye West robbed it from Taylor Swift [when he interrupted her VMAs speech] (laughs). The skeptical part of me feels like, ’cos nobody really watches TV anymore, the production team had to do this kind of PR stunt to get people talking. It’s their 89th year and they still can’t get it right? I don’t believe it.”

Hot-button topic #5: The hoo-ha about Beauty and the Beast having “a gay moment”
“Sometimes, people want to make a statement with characters — they want to say okay, we’re trying to be more inclusive. At the end of the day, no one’s forcing you to watch Beauty and the Beast. People see those stuff online anyway.”
ROSALYN: NOT STEADY! “We live among really weak people who get offended by everything. All that anger over one gay character? (Laughs) It’s not like we don’t know there are homosexuals around. Why shouldn’t you address it in a Disney film to make them feel included? It shouldn’t be an issue at all.”

Hot-button topic #6: Increase in the Star Awards Most Popular Artistes nominees list from 40 to 48
“40 is a lot already! In that case, let’s just give everybody a popular award already. Popularity awards are not a true gauge. Last year, Desmond Tan was not in the popular list, but I saw him in all these ads. I told him, ‘Desmond, I see you in so many endorsements, but apparently, you’re not popular.’ That doesn’t make any sense.”
ROSALYN: STEADY LAH! “It’s their game, so they can do whatever they want and change the rules. You never know if the artistes are really popular [even if they win]. People get their friends to vote for them. So the one with the most friends and time on their hands will win. It doesn’t change my mind about how unpopular they are (laughs).”

Hot-button topic #7: People fuming over Gal Gadot’s shaven armpits in Wonder Woman ’cos “Amazonians wouldn’t shave their pits”
“I mean, this is a comic book movie. If we want to be realistic, then she probably didn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair either. So she has shaved armpits? Big deal. Get over it.”
ROSALYN: NOT STEADY! “It’s damn stupid lah. If you shave your pits, you shave your pits lah. Not like Wonder Woman is based on a real story anyway (laughs).”

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