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Benjamin Kheng & Annette Lee’s Guide To Making It Big At Star Awards Is Comedy Gold

And yes, some of our local celebs are already taking notes.


There’s just over two weeks to Star Awards 2023, and for our local celebs and influencers who really want to “make a splash" at the event, here’s a handy guide from “retired veteran actor/coach Teh-O Ping Hui” and “influencer/actor Chantalle Tiffany Koh”. 

Or well, the alter egos of local multi-hyphenates Benjamin Kheng, 32, and Annette Lee, 30. 

P.S: Benjamin was quick to disclaim that his character was "completely not based on” local actor Tay Ping Hui, though Ben added that he’s “obsessed” with the former Mediacorp actor… who really, really liked this skit (more on that below.)

Practising the art of falling.

Anyway, in the skit, Benjamin and Annette outlined ways to stand out at the annual awards show, with Teh-O Ping Hui giving Chantalle Tiffany Koh a crash course on how to snag headlines.

First off — a “viral outfit”. Perhaps something like Elvin Ng’s famous bandung suit? Or Ann Kok’s iconic translucent top? Or…uh, a dress fashioned out of a trash bag, as Chantalle Tiffany Koh very enthusiastically donned during the skit.

And next on the list? To ‘fake' a fall while walking the red carpet… or any time the cameras are trained on you, honestly.

“If you fall down, you are relatable,” the wise Teh-O Ping Hui tells Chantalle Tiffany Koh.

Squeeze those tears out.

Then, you gotta let the waterworks activate. Can’t cry? Make sure to prepare some eye drops then. 

Finally, the most important thing to do is…. to get a bak kwa sponsorship. Not for the free bak kwa, but for the #exposure, okay?

“Just call them and say you are nominated for Best Actress, they confirm work with you,” Teh-O Ping Hui shared.

We’ll just… ignore Teh-O Ping Hui’s epic outburst when he finally realises that Chantalle Tiffany Koh’s nominated for the Best Cameo Actress award (that category doesn't actually exist, by the way), and not the decidedly more prestigious Best Actress award.

And it seems like our local celebs are jotting down notes already. Chantalle Ng joked in a comment that she’ll “try to fall down” at the awards ceremony, while Rui En added that if Benjamin unleashes his Mandarin at the awards ceremony, it’ll be “enough" to win.
Write that down!

A netizen also joked that the stars have to remember to thank “the company, [Mediacorp’s Chief Talent Officer] Doreen [Neo] and [Head of The Celebrity Agency] Ivy [Low]” in their speech.

Finally, Ping Hui was more than impressed with Benjamin and Anette’s skit, and even reposted it on his Instagram.

“[Benjamin Kheng] is obsessed with me and I love it!!!!” Ping Hui exclaimed in his caption, adding: "Don’t forget me when you guys get that Bak Gua sponsorship hor! I still waiting for mine!”

Photos: Benjamin Kheng/Instagram



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