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Annette Lee, Whose Husband Is Her First Boyfriend, Had Concerns About Marriage 'Cos Her Parents Used To Quarrel A Lot

She talks about how that all changed when she started to spend more time with her husband’s family on the latest episode of With Love, Becks.
Annette Lee, Whose Husband Is Her First Boyfriend, Had Concerns About Marriage 'Cos Her Parents Used To Quarrel A Lot

Appearing on the latest episode of With Love, Becks, is Rebecca Lim’s youngest guest, singer and online comedy sensation, Annette Lee, 30.

Annette married Raphael, her first boyfriend, five years ago and she is now pregnant with their first kid. According to Annette's latest IG post, she is "9.5 months pregnant" now, which means she may or may not have popped by the time this story goes live.  

For their episode, Becks met Annette at a prawning facility, where the latter showed off her prawning skills. It was also their first time meeting IRL, though they have been online friends for the past two years.

Becks slid into Annette’s DMs during the pandemic after watching her “really funny” videos and becoming a fan.

The duo spoke about their relationships while trying out one of Annette's favourite pastimes, prawning

Annette did not hold back when it came to quizzing Becks about her relationship with fiancé Matthew Webster.

“Prawning is just like life, or love,” said Annette after a prawn escaped from her hook. Becks agreed with the analogy, saying: “It’s okay if you don’t get what you want. There will be a bigger and better prawn swimming towards you."

That set the perfect premise for Annette’s next question, which caught Rebecca by surprise.

“Matthew is boyfriend number what?” she asked.

After pondering (and counting) for a moment, Becks revealed that Matthew is her fifth boyfriend.

“So four prawns swam away from you,” joked Annette.

Becks revealed that those relationships were just “not meant to be” and she was “always inconsolable” when they came to an end.

To Rebecca’s surprise, Annette revealed that she has never broken up with anyone before as her husband is her first love.

The couple first met at Raphael’s university dance showcase. Annette’s first impression of him was that he was very talkative, but also really friendly. He added Annette on Facebook and after going through her profile, learnt that she was into music. He then lent her some CDs.

“He’s quite smart. He knew that I had to meet him again to return them,” said Annette.

Annette and Raphael have been married for five years and have a baby on the way

Annette revealed that she and Raphael dated for four years before getting engaged. She was 25 then.

She was never curious about “the other prawns in the pond” because her relationship had no problems and she never found a reason to break up.

“Age wasn’t the issue back then. I just had a lot of concerns about marriage. I didn’t grow up in a picture-perfect family and I watched my parents quarrel a lot, so I was quite worried that getting married meant...” 

“That you’d quarrel every day, like your parents,” interjected Becks. 

Annette agreed, and went on to explain: “But after spending time with Raphael’s family, I learnt that every family is different. His family gave me a sense of security. I think as long as you work towards a harmonious marriage, that’s all that matters. I can trust him because he’s a man of his word."

Rebecca's view of marriage was influenced by her parents as well

During a B-roll interview, Becks shared how much her parents have changed her view on marriage. 

“My dad is also my mother’s first love, so he is her whole world. Since young, I’ve seen the unconditional love and support my mum shows my dad. Sometimes, I find it taxing. Is love truly this demanding? But this is just how she expresses love,” said Rebecca. 

She then revealed that as she grew older, she came to realise that she expresses love in a similar way.

“Once I find my other half, I’ll leave my whole world in his hands,” she admitted. 

Photos: Mediacorp, meWATCH, Annette Lee/ Instagram

To find out more about Becks' first date with Matthew and the very interesting questions Annette and Raphael had for her, watch the full episode of With Love, Becks on meWATCH, or catch it below.



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