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Andie Chen On Making His Producer Debut With The War Film, The Last Song, And The Reason Behind His Cameo In A Land Imagined

He also tells us how he channelled his dark side on 'Titoudao: Inspired by the True Story of a Wayang Star'.

Andie Chen On Making His Producer Debut With The War Film, The Last Song, And The Reason Behind His Cameo In A Land Imagined

Andie Chen is itching to hit the streets. He would love to blow off some steam at a gym. Or throw a few punches in a Muay Thai class. Or hang out with pals at his favourite café. Or work on Vagabond, the YouTube channel he co-created with Jade Seah.

But right now — amid the Circuit Breaker period — like most of us, the 34-year-old actor is hunkered down at home, with wife Kate, and their kids, Aden and Avery. He’s adusting well to the isolation-living arrangement, Andie tells over the phone.

“I’m quite an introvert,” he shares. “So if I’m not at a film set, I’m usually either at the gym or working from home anyway. So for me, it’s not that bad. The only difference now is that the kids are at home 24/7.”

As we speak, he’s in the midst of scheduling a home-based learning timetable for them. “I’m the science and English teacher,” he says with a laugh, while the missus handles Chinese and Math. “We do music and PE together,” he continues.

“Staying at home can be quite productive,” he adds. “This is a period where you either pick up a lot of good habits or get rid a few bad ones.” Such as? “[I’ve] sleeping late and sleeping too little,” he says. “So now I’m trying to sleep at a fixed time.”

Not everything is in a standstill, though. The most exciting thing to happen in Andie’s life recently was the online premiere of The Last Song, a 17-minute war flick which he starred in and produced (his first, under the Vagabond Media shingle).

Set in 2026, the film follows a squad of national reservists trying to get their s*** together as they battle an unseen, unidentified enemy. (Think Walter Hill’s Southern Comfort but without the pissed-off Cajun natives).

Directed by Gavin Lim (Fighting Spiders), and also starring Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Jeremy Chan, Hirzi Zulkiflie and vlogger Nas Daily, The Last Song is part of the ‘Storeys’ campaign supported by IMDA to promote independent content creators to tell compelling social issues-driven stories.

Here, Andie tells us about his experiences as a rookie producer, his hopes to follow up The Last Song with “more action-based, gritty, edgy” stories, and the reason behind his blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo in the Golden Horse Award-winning A Land Imagined.

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