Actor Maxi Lim and his influencer wife, Lizy Teo, welcomed their son into the world on Saturday (Aug 29). The baby boy's name? Reign. 

The couple shared the happy news on their baby’s Instagram account, @theeatb. Yes, the two-day-old kid has his own IG. 

“Hi everyone! I came out at 2.7kg earlier today. Drank some milk and slept. Pretty eventful, I would say. Oh, I think I can do [a] pouty face and wink occasionally too. Would you wanna see?” read the caption, which accompanied a pic of Lizy cradling baby Reign.

Lizy, who gave birth at Thomson Medical Centre, also posted more videos and photos of their son on her own IG page. 

“Three troll videos and one proper photo. Hehe. OMG OMG I finally understand how [mummies feel] like when they see their baby. I’m soooo in love, halp!” the first-time mother wrote.

Among the celebs who paid the couple a visit was Maxi's Ah Boys To Men buddy Noah Yap

“Reign Lim, remember my face,” the 26-year-old actor wrote after his visit. “I nearly cried when I saw you if you were my own kid hahahaha." He also added that he wants to be known as the “fun uncle”.

When asked the new dad for the meaning behind his son's name, Maxi simply said he "likes how Reign sounds". 

“We actually went through many names. Liz’s friend found the name 'Reign' and I really like the ring to it,” the actor told us through WhatsApp, adding that his son's name also has a "good meaning" in the Bible and that it "reminds [him] of God’s reign over [his] life". 

“Prior to Reign, We had an inside joke to name him Ethan. [It was] supposed to sound like Eaten, the EatB,” Maxi continued. 

If you follow Maxi on Instagram, you would've guessed that him wanting the name “Ethan” must be because of his obsession with the phrase “Eat bro”, which Maxi plasters over his social media. Now wouldn't that have been as equally epic as 'Reign'.