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The Cast Of Ah Boys To Men Recreate A Throwback Photo To Mark The Movie’s 10th Year Anniversary

Wait, a decade already?!


It's been 10 years since the release of the first Ah Boys To Men movie, and director Jack Neo is still going strong with the franchise, despite its many nay-sayers and critics. 

In fact, the sequel to Jack’s widely-panned, million-dollar grossing Ah Boys spin-off, Ah Girls Go Army, is opening in cinemas next week (June 16).

But for now, we’re turning our focus to the cast of the original Ah Boys movie, Noah Yap, 28, Wang Weiliang, 34, Maxi Lim, 35, Joshua Tan, 31, and Tosh Zhang, 33, all of whom just recreated this iconic photo from what appears to be their first overseas press tour.

Tracksuit fever. From left to right: Noah Yap, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim, Joshua Tan, Tosh Zhang.

On June 9, Maxi and Noah posted these pictures on their Instagram, sharing that it’s been a decade since the first movie.

Though they’re no longer decked out in matching camo tracksuits (wonder if the boys still have those in their wardrobe?), the quintet looked just as um… swag as they did 10 years ago.

Netizens were really pleased to see that the camaraderie between the boys were just as strong as ever.

Ah Boys, assemble! The gang at Maxi's wedding

"What a wonderful friendship! Happy anniversary!” one wrote.

Another wrote: "Happy 10 years to you guys. Seems like you guys didn't age at all,” while a separate netizen mused: "Except the hair, nothing changed!”

Rubbing shoulders with Taiwanese stars Zheng Guocheng, Kang Kang & Nono

Over on Noah’s Instagram, some netizens couldn’t help but compare the ABTM cast to the cast of iconic Hongkong movie series, Young And Dangerous.

“You guys should do a version of Young And Dangerous Singapore-style (sic),” one netizen wrote.

So…. new movie series spin-off, anyone?

Photos: Maxi Lim/ Instagram, Noah Yap/Instagram



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