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5 Memorable Moments From The Star Voice Finale

A little snippet of what you didn’t see on TV, and the most gasp-worthy moments.


After three months of hard work and hard-hitting critiques from the judges (hey, no one ever said being a radio DJ was easy), Mediacorp’s radio DJ talent hunt, The Star Voice is now ready to crown its winner.

Meet the three finalists — Jeff Tan, 29, from YES933 jock Zhong Kunhua's team, Jensen Wang, 26, from LOVE 972 DJ Dennis Chew’s team, as well as Joey Tay, 27, from Capital958 sports commentator Pan Jiabiao's team.

The trio duked it in the grand finale, which was held in the Capitol Theatre earlier this month. And it was a star-studded affair that also saw a performance by Taiwanese singer Crowd Lu.

Time to cast your votes.

Judging the competition were Mark Lee, Kym Ng, Taiwanese host Mickey Huang (via live stream from Taiwan) and Mediacorp’s Lead for Chinese & Malay Audio, Rebecca Yap. There was also a panel of nine Mediacorp DJs — Siau Jiahui, Gao Mei Gui, Chen Ning, Lu Linxuan, Gao Yixin, Lin Lingzhi, Jiang Jianwen, Chen Lina, and Chen Biyu — to pile on the star power.

Scores from the main judges accounted for 80 per cent of the final score, while the remaining 20 per cent was made up of the scores from the panel of jocks.

Now, we won’t be giving you a play-by-play account of what went on during the finale — you can watch the full episode here, for that.

Instead, here are the highlights — and an unaired tidbit that didn’t make it into the episode for your reading pleasure. (P.S: Spoilers ahead.)

1. Mickey Huang came ready with one-liners

Sure, he communicated his critiques via a TV screen, but his quips were anything but flat.

From how he joked that all good DJs should have names that start with the letter “J", you know, like Jeff, Jensen and Joey, to how he cheekily asked Jeff to roast Rebecca Yap, who will be his boss should he join Mediacorp, as a show of courage, Mickey’s presence, albeit virtual, was greatly appreciated.

2. The hilariously brutal comedy roast segment 

The three finalists and their mentors did not hold back when the time came to roast the celebs who were present. No one was spared, and yes, that included the judges.

We’ll leave you to watch the show to enjoy the roasts in their full glory, but the standout jokes include jabs about Kym and Dennis’ early forays into singing, as well as celeb mentor Jiabiao’s all-female team.

3. When the three finalists became two

Only two finalists could proceed to the final challenge, and in the end, Jensen was eliminated after the roast segment. Jeff received nine out of nine votes from the DJ panel, while Jensen received seven votes, and Joey got eight.

Capital958 DJ Lin Lingzhi, who did not vote for Jensen, made a very valid point in her critique saying that it’s hard to out-funny Dennis.

While Jensen did hold his own against his mentor, he was ultimately overshadowed by the truly hilarious Dennis.

4. When Mark Lee went from fierce judge to the nicest one

Here’s what didn’t make it into the ep: Mark, who was Joey and Jeff’s interviewee for the “no holds bared” late-night interview segment, joshing about with the finalists before the cameras rolled, which we reckon helped to ease their nerves.

After all, interviewing the quick-witted Mark in front of a live audience must have been a daunting task.

5. When Joey received no love from the panel of DJs

During the aforementioned interview segment with Mark, Joey unfortunately made a noticeable boo-boo when she accidentally referred to the Golden Horse Awards as the Star Awards.

Though she tried her best to smooth over her mistake, it seemed like the panel of jocks were not impressed and they gave Joey's performance zero votes. Ouch.

But to Joey’s credit — the panel appeared none too impressed with Jeff's performance as well, with him only nabbing five votes.

Catch up on The Star Voice here, or watch the finale below:

Photos: Mediacorp Photo Unit, meWATCH



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