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118 Cast Celebrates Nick Teo And Hong Ling’s Engagement; Pan Lingling Says She Watched Their Relationship Grow Over The Past 8 Years

They’re basically like a real family now.


It’s been eight years since the airing of the first episode of Mediacorp long-form drama 118, and it seems like the cast are as close as ever.

On Aug 23, the main cast, including Pan Lingling, Chew Chor Meng, Chen Hanwei, Carrie Wong and Sheila Sim had a small party — complete with heart-shaped cake— to celebrate the engagement of Nick Teo, 33, and Hong Ling, 28.

Can you spot Nick and Hong Ling in this throwback pic?

Nick and Hong Ling first met on the set of 118, and began dating after that.

Just last week, on Aug 16, Nick popped the question, and now, the couple are happily engaged.

In a post on Instagram, Lingling, who played Hong Ling’s mum in 118, mused about the couple’s relationship.

“There's about to be a joyous event in the Hong family. [Our] youngest daughter and Nick are engaged. When I first got to know [Hong Ling], she wasn’t even 20 yet! [I] watched her grow up, and watched their relationship slowly progress and bear fruit. Seeing her and [Nick]’s faces, that are filled with happiness, [I] really do feel happy for them. I have to thank [118’s writer and producer] Ang Eng Tee and Paul Yuen for letting us come together as a 118 family. It’s been eight years, and we still cherish and miss each other,” Lingling wrote.

She added: “[Our] youngest daughter and Nick, mum wishes you guys a lifetime of happiness.”

Similarly, Sheila also took to her Instagram to share pictures of their gathering, and also penned down some of her well-wishes for the happy couple.

"A joyous event in the Hong family! A perfect ending for 118 after 8 years. It’s been 8 years, and I’m still so full of love for everyone, cherishing all of our meetings. It was my blessing to be able to take part in 118! Seeing [Hong Ling] grow up, and now, about to tie the knot, it really feels like I’m marrying off my niece. Aunt wishes for the two of you to live blissfully, sweetly, simply, and for all your dreams to come true. I’m so happy for the both of you,” Sheila wrote in her caption.

A couple of 118 cast members did not attend the gathering, including Xu Bin, Dennis ChewYa Hui, who’s currently on holiday in Australia, and Sora Ma, who previously revealed that she was bullied on the set of 118 II.

Photos: Pan Lingling/Instagram, Sheila Sim/Instagram

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