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What The Director Of John Wick Did With An iPhone 11 Pro Is Amazing

You can make your own 'John Wick' with an iPhone 11 Pro. (Maybe.)

What The Director Of John Wick Did With An iPhone 11 Pro Is Amazing

If you’re only using your iPhone 11 Pro for selfies, wefies and food porn snaps, let filmmaker David Leitch demonstrate what else you can do with it. Picture this: instead of shooting food pics, you can shoot a food fight.

David Leitch, the director of John Wick and Deadpool 2, used an iPhone 11 Pro to make a 90-sec short for Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ series. Called Snowbrawl, the short, about a young girl and her pals engaged in an epic snowball fight, is filled with stylo milo stunts and slow-mo shots, all beautifully captured.

Says Leitch in the behind-the-scenes featurette (embedded below): “We’re getting creative with the flexibility of the camera — how light they are and how mobile they are… things that are hard to simulate with big film cameras, we are able to make this classic, kung-fu composition very quickly and easily.”

Lights, camera, action: Director David Leitch (we think it's him) with his new best friend, the iPhone 11 Pro.

Other filmmakers who have used iPhones include Sean Baker who filmed the award-winning street romance Tangerine with an iPhone 5s, and Steven Soderbergh who shot the psycho-thriller Unsane and the sports drama High Flying Bird on iPhone 8.

With the iPhone 11 Pro, imagine how much filmmakers can save on camera rentals (more budget for catering!). Someone please show this video to Sunny Pang and his Ronin Action Group stat!

High Flying Bird is on Netflix; Unsane is on Fox+.

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