Vinnie Jones "Saw A White Light" After His Wife's Death

The footballer-turned-actor lost his wife Tanya to cancer in 2019.

Vinnie Jones saw a "white light" appear in the air shortly after his wife passed away.

The 55-year-old actor lost his beloved wife Tanya to cancer in July 2019, and he's revealed that a surreal incident took place after she took her last breaths.

He shared: "I felt the pain leave her. It had been six years of pain, but now it was flying away, Tinker Bells of pain flying from her body. I felt Tanya leave.

"Tanya Jones died on Saturday July 6, 2019, surrounded by everyone she loved and everyone who loved her. She was 53 years old.

"And she was everything."

Vinnie can still vividly remember an inexplicable incident occurring in the garden of their Los Angeles home after Tanya passed away.

In an extract from his memoir, Lost Without You — which has been published in The Sun newspaper — Vinnie said: "The night Tans died we were all sitting outside in the back garden of our Los Angeles home Greenleaf. It was around midnight, a still, overcast night, no moonlight.

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Looking back: Vinnie Jones' new memoir, 'Lost Without You', will be out in September. 

"One by one people were heading inside to bed, and I told them I'd be in in a little while. I wanted to smoke and watch the darkness and be alone.

"As I sat there, I noticed above me a white light. I knew it couldn't be a star because of the cloud cover, but there it was.

"I already knew that when you lose someone you can start to look for things, for signs, so I was on guard. I never believed in any of that stuff and I wasn't about to start now.

"But that white light was there, and there was no denying it. It definitely wasn't a star and it wasn't a helicopter or a plane — it was too low.

"In my grief and desperation I said to the light: 'Is that you, babe?'"

Despite his doubts, Vinnie was determined to discover whether the light was a message from Tanya.

He said: "I thought about all the times she'd say, 'Where's my kiss?" and I'd throw her one to catch. So that's what I did, right there in that dark garden.

"Suddenly, the light swerved, and dipped, and hovered, and then it flew — zoom!"— BANG

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