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Drunk Victoria Beckham Threw Her Underwear Out A Taxi Window After Spice Girls Signed Record Deal, Claims Mel C In Memoir

Mel C has many stories from the road to share in her memoir, Who I Am.

Drunk Victoria Beckham Threw Her Underwear Out A Taxi Window After Spice Girls Signed Record Deal, Claims Mel C In Memoir

Victoria Beckham got so drunk on the day the Spice Girls signed their record deal she threw her underwear from a taxi.

Beckham eventually fell asleep in her dinner knickerless at a posh restaurant after the celebration, claims her fellow Spice Girl, Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice aka Melanie Jayne Chisholm), in her autobiography, Who I Am: My Story (In the US, the book goes by The Sporty One: My Life as a Spice Girl.

In an excerpt published in The Sun, Mel C says: “By the time we arrived, the taxi was a wreck; there was lipstick, champagne and flowers all over it. Somehow, Victoria’s knickers ended up being chucked out of the window… .”

She added their manager Simon Fuller, 62, had to give the annoyed taxi driver £50 (S$81)to cover the mess and compensate for the girls’ “terrible behaviour”.

Mum-of-one Mel C said: “We steamed into this incredibly posh restaurant, stinking of booze and ciggies, and crashed onto the table. The other diners were not amused.

“By this point, Victoria was so drunk she pretty much fell asleep face down in her dinner. She was still knickerless!”

The Spice Girls — which also consists of Geri Horner (aka Ginger Spice), Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice), and Mel B (aka Scary Spice) — signed with Virgin Records in 1995. Their first single, 'Wannabe', came out in June 1996.

In the book, Mel C also revealed how she was left devastated after a failed romance with Take That star Robbie Williams.

“Robbie did behave badly — he led me on and then abruptly dropped me at a time when I was incredibly vulnerable.

“I don’t have any bad feelings towards him now, but he did break my heart a bit. I was hurt and I was humiliated.

“It was somebody I had admired, and he pursued me and then treated me badly.”

Mel C dropped another bombshell on Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast on Wednesday when she shared that she was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist at a spa in an Istanbul, Turkey, hotel in October 1997. She was staying in the hotel the night before the girl group was about to have their first live performance.

"We were in Istanbul. We did two shows over there and we'd never done a full-length concert before, so obviously we’d rehearsed for weeks ahead, costume fittings, makeup, hair, everything was leading towards the pinnacle of everything I ever wanted to do, and ever wanted to be," Mel C recalled.

“What drives me is being on stage, being a performer, so here we were, the eve of the first-ever Spice Girls show, so I treat myself to a massage in the hotel.”

She continued, "And what happened to me — I kind of buried, immediately, because there were other things to focus on. I didn’t want to make a fuss but also I didn’t have time to deal with it."

She said that she didn't about the incident until writing about it in her memoir: "It came to me in a dream, or I kind of woke up and it was in my mind. And I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, I haven't even thought about having that in the book.' Then, of course, I had to think, 'Well, do I want to reveal this?' And I just thought, actually, I think it’s really important for me to say it, and to finally deal with it and process it."



Who Am I is now in stores while the US print, The Sporty One: My Life as a Spice Girl, will be released on Sept 27. — BANG SHOWBIZ

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