Tom Hanks Opens Up About COVID-19 Struggle: "It Was The Weirdest Thing"

Tom Hanks says his wife Rita Wilson struggled with coronavirus more than he did.

Tom Hanks says Rita Wilson struggled with coronavirus more than he did.

The 63-year-old actor and his wife battled with the virus in Australia and Hanks has revealed Wilson had a "much-higher fever" than him as well as other symptoms.

He said: "Rita went through a tougher time than I did. She had a much-higher fever and she had some other symptoms. She lost her sense of taste and smell. She got absolutely no joy from food for a better part of three weeks. She was so nauseous, she had to crawl on the floor from the bed to the facilities. It lasted a while."

And Hanks admits having the virus was "the weirdest thing".

Speaking on The National Defense Radio Show, he added: "Whoever it was, doctor, nurse, would come into our air pressurised room, our isolation rooms. She said, 'How are you feeling?' and I said, 'I just had the weirdest thing. I just tried to do basic stretches and exercises on the floor and I couldn't even get halfway through. And she looked at me through her glasses like she was talking to the dumbest human being. And she said, 'You have COVID-19.'"

Meanwhile, Wilson previously revealed it "made it that little bit easier" that Hanks had coronavirus at the same time as her.

She said: "I think that having the virus at the same time made it that little bit easier. We were taking care of each other instead of having the pressure of taking care of one person and no one taking care of you or understanding that the person at home needs a break. We were fortunate we were in a place where we understood what the other was going through ... We both had a high fever and were extremely achey. I lost my sense of taste and smell, had stomach issues and shivering like you wouldn't believe. Yeah, I was scared." — BANG


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