This MythBusters Experiment Will Make You Think Twice About Not Practicing Safe-Distancing

Don’t stand so close to me. Seriously.

It’s been a week since the government ramped up safe-distancing measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In case you haven’t received the memo (you know who they are) or processed the gravity of the situation (hello, wake up your idea), here’s a MythBusters experiment from 2010 to drive the message home.

In the ‘Flu Fiction’ episode, hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage set out to see how fast and far nasal secretions — i.e. germs — from someone with a cold can spread to others at close quarters.

In the video, Adam fakes a runny nose, using a liquid that’s only visible under UV light. He then goes on to infect his friends at a dinner party, rather successfully, we might add. Now, imagine if he really had COVID-19.

Watch this fascinating and frightening clip and learn why it’s important to abide by the 1m separation rule.

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