The Lord Of The Rings Cast Reunion Set For Josh Gad’s YouTube Show

The virtual reunion is happening on June 1, 12am.

Frodo and Co. are hitting the road again. This time the Middle-Earthlings are bound for Josh Gad’s nostalgia-charged YouTube series Reunited Apart.

On June 1, 12 am, (May 31, 9am PT/12pm EST), the Frozen star is reuniting the cast of Lord of the Rings trilogy in an epic Zoom chat. How epic? Perhaps this Instagram post courtesy of Dominic Monaghan (aka Merry) can answer that question.

Gad has previously reassembled the cast of The Goonies, Back to the Future and Splash to entertain folks during lockdown as well as  to raise money for various COVID-19 charities.

Here’s the trailer of the upcoming show. Prepare to cry.



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