The Kardashians Plan To Launch Greeting Card Company Named Kardashian Kards

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are keen to create a greeting cards business, according to a report.

The Kardashian family are reportedly set to move into the greeting cards business.

Sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have filed trademark documents in order to secure the rights to their proposed new business venture, Kardashian Kards.

The reality TV stars are hoping to use their celebrity status to help sell greeting cards, calendars, photo albums and postcards, according to TMZ.

It's been suggested that the Kardashian family will also be attaching their name to scrapbooks, stationery, paper, notebooks and stickers, as well as erasers, bookmarks and gift wrap.

The Kardashians are best known for starring in various TV shows, but they've also successfully branched out into the fashion and beauty industries over the years.

And Kim, 40, previously admitted that her huge social media presence has helped to drive her business success.

The brunette beauty explained: "With social media these days, you can really start your own business, [and] market it and promote it in the way that you want to.

"Obviously, the more you post, the more attention it gets. It’s a fine line of flooding your account, though. When I have a launch coming up that I’m really excited about it, I love my campaign images so I’ll post a lot. Then sometimes I’ll look back at my page and I [be] like, wait, there’s so much content."

Kim also thinks that retaining control of her brand has been crucial.

She said: "I’ve transitioned from having everything in license deals, where you just basically get your list of requirements that have to be fulfilled and you do them - and I’m very happy to do them - but it’s a completely different game when every last detail is yours. I see how much work goes into owning a brand yourself, instead of just being a licensee.

"There is power in having the evolution of owning my own businesses and starting from the ground up and really figuring it out."— BANG


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