The Good Place Star Jameela Jamil's Ex-Lovers Have Compared Her To A "Memory Foam Mattress"

She thinks they meant it as a compliment.

Jameela Jamil has been likened to a "memory foam mattress" by three of her former lovers.

The 34-year-old actress thinks sex is "stupid" and has admitted she's "not amazing in bed" — but Jameela also believes she gets away with it because she's got "big boobs".

Speaking to Conan O' Brien on his Need a Friend podcast, The Good Place star shared: "Sex in itself is so stupid. The thrusting? What are we doing? I'm not amazing in bed. But I've got big boobs so I don't have to be.

"Some of the reviews I've had ... I've been told by three separate men that making love to me — and I think they meant this as a compliment — was like having sex with a memory foam mattress.

"I shift to any shape. It's not that I'm bendy, it's that I don't have muscles anywhere but my heart. I'm like a human marshmallow with nipples."

Jameela also admitted to making inappropriate jokes while having sex.

The actress — who has been in a relationship with singer James Blake since 2015 — told Conan O'Brien's Needs a Friend podcast: "Mostly if I can just stay silent that's enough because it's my trying to insert comedy in the bedroom that goes down badly."

Last month, meanwhile, Jameela acknowledged she will "rub people up the wrong way".

She conceded she will always face a "backlash" for her outspoken comments.

Jameela said: "Sometimes there is backlash and you just have to make a decision.

"If you are going to be someone who speaks out, you have to understand you're going to rub people up the wrong way, people who are on the opposition, as well as people on your own side, because there is a weird amount of competition in activism, that I don't understand. And you have to protect yourself."

Jameela is currently starring in the Netflix animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. — BANG


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