The Good Place's Jameela Jamil Has A Funny Fart Story To Share

Jameela Jamil was terrified of farting on Kristen Bell when she landed her role on 'The Good Place' because American snacks made her gassy.

Jameela Jamil was terrified of farting on Kristen Bell when she landed her role on The Good Place.

The 34-year-old star made her acting debut on the show as Tahani Al-Jamil and she was so preoccupied by her gassy reactions to American snacks, it eased any doubts and fears she had about her performance.

Asked how she behaves on set, she told Playboy magazine: "I'm chatty and inappropriate and I snack a lot because there's a lot of waiting around.

"I had very bad gas during season one of The Good Place because American snacks are no joke. Why do you put corn syrup in everything?

"My director's assistant didn't know what had hit me. The fear of farting on Kristen Bell was worse than the fear of acting badly. She's so small, she's nearer my asshole than I am, so it'll hit her first and worst.

"It weirdly got me through my fear of acting opposite her since I'd never acted professionally before The Good Place."

Jamil also admitted she was the only cast member to get injured during a big fight scene on the show — despite spending the entirety of it "hiding behind the pool table".

She said: "There was this scene in The Good Place of a big fight, and Janet kicks everyone's ass. Everyone was featured in the fight sequence, but the producers decided that I would hide behind the pool table and watch everyone else fight.

"It took five days to shoot the f***ing scene, and I pulled a muscle in my ass because I was sitting there for so long.

"I left being the only member of the cast who sustained an injury during the sequence, and I was the only one who didn't fight. I was actually inactive for so long that I got injured." — BANG

The Good Place is now streaming on Netflix.


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