"Starving" Sinead O'Connor Pleads With Fans For Food Amid Agoraphobia Battle

Sinead O'Connor begged her Twitter followers for help as her crippling agoraphobia left her too frightened to venture out to buy food.

Sinead O'Connor has begged fans for help after crippling agoraphobia left her unable to buy food.

The 'Nothing Compares 2 U' hitmaker — who goes by the name of Shuhanda Sadaqat after converting to Islam — revealed on social media that the anxiety disorder has left her "starving" as she is too scared to leave her house and buy food.

Sinead wrote on Twitter: "Ok here goes a reach out.

"I've been secretly living with a physically paralysing, trauma related case of acute low self-esteem for the last few years and months and weeks and am lately not eating because it's made me so agoraphobic I can't go to the shops. And I'm starving."

The Irish singer added that she is unable to receive meal deliveries or takeaways.

Sinead continued: "I currently live in a very remote part of the country so take outs, and grocery deliveries are not an option.

"That's why I have clearly asked ONLY if anyone knows of meal services for people with mental health conditions who's ability to self-care is diminished.

"I'd eat the f*****' leg of the Lamb of God."

 Sinead later revealed to her fans that she had found a service to provide her with food: "All good now. Found meal delivery service. Am replete and happy."

O'Connor revealed last month that she had decided to train as a healthcare assistant after her shows were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She explained: "That's something that I wanted to do for years, it's not because of the Covid thing, it's not that I'm rushing to the frontline.

"The area that I want to work in is palliative care. The 28th of September, that's it, head down, it's just one year... that's how I'm making use of the time. I had a whole year of shows booked... That's how I'm making use of the fact that I'm unemployed for the year."— BANG 


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