Some Folks In Hollywood Think It's Time To Reboot Twister

'Top Gun: Maverick' director Joseph Kosinski to reboot the 1996 disaster movie 'Twister'.

Get ready to ride into a storm again. 

According to Variety, Josep Kosinski, the director of Oblivion and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, is in talks with Universal to helm a remake of the 1996 movie, which starred the late Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as a married couple who team up to chase tornadoes so they can put a weather alert system in the path of deadly twisters.

The new project will be produced by Frank Marshall, who has worked on both the Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne' franchises, while Universal are said to be meeting with writers to pen the screenplay. Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin wrote the original movie. 

The original movie, helmed by Speed director Jan de Bont and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, made over US$490 million (S$682 mil) worldwide. 

Kosinski, 46, is no stranger to tackling vintage properties. Besides Top Gun: Maverick, he also made Tron: Legacy — his debut, in fact —  the follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi classic.

For years, there's been rumour of a third Tron movie, and Kosinski has expressed interest in returning to that cyber world. 

He said: "There's always been an interest since Legacy [for a sequel]. There's always been talk and murmuring of doing another and continuing the story.

"Like anything, it just needs the right confluence of... it's all about timing and the right elements and everything's got to come together for a movie to happen. I think it's possible and I think it's worthy of it. 

"I think there's enough ideas in the franchise, and the fact that it is so unique and nothing else looks or sounds like it, that Tron story. There is, I think, a future for the franchise and I hope they keep making them."

Until then, there's Top Gun: Maverick to look forward to; it slated to open here on December 24.— BANG


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