Sinead O'Connor Accuses Prince Of Satan Worship: "He Had The Power To Make S*** Move Around The Room"

Sinead O'Connor believes that Prince was "involved in Devil business" after a violent encounter at the late music icon's home in the 1990s.

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Sinead O'Connor has accused Prince of being a devil worshipper.

The 54-year-old singer was summoned to the late music icon's home for a meeting in 1991 after she had enjoyed global success with a cover of his song Nothing Compares 2 U' the previous year and she claimed in her new memoir Rememberings that the irises of Prince's eyes disappeared as he guarded the front door to his property in Hollywood, sparking her fear that he was heavily involved in the occult.

Discussing the moment in an interview with The Times newspaper, she said: "That is as true as God. I believe he was involved in Devil business because an old girlfriend of his told me he had the power to make s*** move around the room.

"He got me up there to see: could this b**** be one of mine? I guess he didn't bank on the Irish in me telling him to go f*** himself."

Sinead — who, in the 1990s, was ordained as a priest by Bishop Michael Cox of the Irish Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church and is now a practising Muslim — claims in the book that she endured a violent confrontation with Prince suggesting that he thumped her with "something hard" slipped into a pillowcase during a pillow fight and stalking her with his car and chasing her down the road when she escaped the "macabre" mansion.

The Irish singer/songwriter claims there were a number of reasons why Prince — who died in 2016 at the age of 57 — became violent during their meeting.

Sinead explained: "Firstly, Prince didn't like people covering his songs.

"Secondly, he had all these female protégés and he was annoyed that I wasn't one of them.

"Thirdly, my manager Steve Fargnoli had been his manager and they were involved in a legal case. On top of all this, he was a woman-beating ****. I'm certainly not the only woman he laid a hand on."

Sinead spoke of her pride in her version of the song in her autobiography and has claimed ownership of the tune. She said: "As far as I’m concerned, it’s my song."— BANG SHOWBIZ

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