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Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Under Fire For Deleting Tweet Criticising Mark Wahlberg For Attacking 2 Vietnamese Men in 1988

Simu Liu is set to star alongside Mark Walhberg in the movie 'Arthur the King'.

Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Under Fire For Deleting Tweet Criticising Mark Wahlberg For Attacking 2 Vietnamese Men in 1988

Simu Li, the star of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has been accused by Netizens of selling out when he deleted an old tweet critical of Mark Wahlberg, after news broke that the two will be starring in the new movie Arthur the Dog.

In 1988, a 16-year-old Wahlberg was convicted of hitting a Vietnamese man in the head with a wooden stick while trying to steal two cases of alcohol in front of a convenience store near his family’s home in the Dorchester section of Boston.

He punched another Vietnamese man, army veteran Johnny Trinh, in the face while trying to avoid police. Trinh was blinded in one eye from the attack. According to police reports, when Wahlberg was arrested, he shouted racial slurs at the victims.

He pled guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to two years in jail but only served 45 days. In 2014, Wahlberg requested to expunge the 1988 conviction. Wahlberg issued an apology and Trinh forgave him.

In a 2018 tweet, Liu blasted, “Let me get this straight, Mark Wahlberg beat a helpless Vietnamese man with a stick until he passed out when he was 16, and is attempting to get the courts to grant him an official pardon on the basis that he’s ‘turned his life around’?”

But the tweet was deleted after Liu, 31, landed a role in the Wahlberg-led movie, a move which had Twitter users wondering why the Kim's Convenience actor had walked back his criticism of Wahlberg’s juvenile delinquent past.

One gardenchae wrote, “simu liu deleting this tweet after getting a movie with mark wahlberg proves that asian celebrities do not have our best interests at heart and representation in white places means nothing.”

Amid the backlash, Liu — who was born in Harbin, China, before moving to Canada when he was five — took to Instagram to explain his decision.

He said: “I deleted a couple of tweets I made regarding the past actions of one of my costars as a gesture of professionalism and to open to door to progressive conversations and (hopefully) positive change.

“Obviously it’d be pretty weird to go to work with that tweet still up. I meant what I said in the moment; I was very angry hearing about what happened.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t think there’s room to grow and work together to find an opportunity to educate and do some good- which I’m excited to do in addition to shooting the movie. Progressive discussion will lead to dialogue, and dialogue will lead to action.”

But Twitter users aren’t buying his explanation.

Becca @MJFINESSELOVER wrote: “This excuse is bull—. No one is harassing you. We are just pointing out your hypocrisy. Mark Wahlberg is a racist who has committed HATE CRIMES agianst Black and Asian people. He had a whole section of his Wikipedia page decidated to that. You need the check that bad???????”

“Simu this is really disappointing and I was rooting for you!” a Maya Soon Hikikomori wrote, “Do better. I want to see u do great things but please leave the performative activism at the door and take accountability.”
Elsewhere, Alan thinks this whole incident may not bode well with Liu’s superhero image. He wrote, “also do you think this is a good look considering you're the damn lead in an upcoming first ever Asian Marvel movie......”
When pressed by fans for further comments, Liu simply tweeted, “I’ve spoken. Stop assuming the worst in me.”

Liu has finished filming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe entry led by an Asian superhero. The cast also includes Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Fala Chen and Ronny Chieng. The movie is slated to open in cinemas here on July 8, 2021.

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