Sex And The City’s John Corbett’s Admits To Faking On-Screen Chemistry With Past Co-Stars He Didn’t Get Along

The actor says things can get "really confusing" sometimes on set especially when they are playing a married couple.

John Corbett has faked on-screen chemistry with some of his former co-stars.

The 59-year-old actor stars alongside Katey Sagal in the new ABC series Rebel and John admits he was lucky that they quickly struck up such good chemistry.

He told Us Weekly: "That’s one of those things that happens or you’ve got to fake it.

"We got lucky. I think we like each other a lot. One of the things on set is when they say action, if you like the person you’re acting with, it just reads. The camera picks it up and small little moments are created. You can just feel it. You can also feel it if it’s with someone you don’t really like!

"I’ve had to do both … You’ve gotta hope that the other person likes you and that’s when the chemistry can kind of blossom."

The Sex and the City star admitted things can quickly become "complicated" between performers if they don't get on.

He said: "You spend a lot of time together, you have a friendship, but then you kind of become married to that person. Sometimes you see that person you’re working with more than the person you’re actually married to.

"It can get complicated, you know? Little arguments can start about little things that can kind of build. I’ve had that happen too in the past with certain people."

John also joked that things can easily become confusing on set.

He quipped: "It gets really confusing, especially when you’re playing someone’s husband or their wife. There are comments that happen in between takes and the next thing you know, somebody is yelling at you in a scene and you’re not quite sure if they’re yelling at the character or at you.

"It’s a goddamn confusing thing that we do for a living and I’m still confused by it sometimes!" — BANG SHOWBIZ


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