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Selena Gomez Asks Facebook Bosses To Stop The Spread Of Hate, Misinformation And Racism

Selena Gomez calls out the social media giant for their lack of accountability.

Selena Gomez Asks Facebook Bosses To Stop The Spread Of Hate, Misinformation And Racism

Selena Gomez has asked Facebook to help to halt the spread of "hate, misinformation, racism and bigotry".

The 'Heart Wants What It Wants' hitmaker, who has more than 77 million on Facebook and 193 million followers on Facebook-owned Instagram, shared a private note she penned to Facebook's chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, where she asked the social media platform to help stop this misinformation.

In a private message to Zuckerberg and Sandberg, she said: "It's been a while since we sat down. We have a serious problem. Facebook and Instagram are being used to spread hate, misinformation, racism and bigotry. I am calling you both to help stop this. Please shut down groups and users focused on spreading hate speech violence and misinformation. Our future depends on it. This is an election year. We cannot afford to have misinformation about voting. There has to be fact-checking and accountability. Hope to hear back from you ASAP."

Call to action: Selena Gomez shared a screenshot of her private message to Facebook bosses on Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Selena previously revealed she has "gained a sense of knowledge" about the world over the past few months.

She has been involving herself in activism work amid the Black Lives Matter movement, and recently gave her Instagram account over to Black leaders, as well as making a donation to help Black families.

And now, Selena previously revealed that spending time at home during the coronavirus pandemic has helped give her the "opportunity" to "learn a lot" about her country and the wider world, especially in relation to Black Lives Matter.

She said: "It's definitely the most time I've spent on my own probably since I was 16. At first it was super uncomfortable, more so because of the anxiety I was carrying because of everything that is happening. I also feel like I got the opportunity to learn a lot about my country in ways that I never have before. I feel like I've gained a sense of knowledge and a sense of feeling good about saying what I'm saying, and I feel good about what I'm standing by, and I'm not going to let other opinions conduct what I feel personally."— BANG

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